Construction portfolio for Ian Anderson

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A random selection of Ian’s work in the UK and abroad

Repairing damaged old brickwork

old brickwork in need of serious repair using lime mortar

The Before: Old and neglected brickwork from 1721

old brickwork removed

The During: Cleaned up and ready for rebuilding in lime

old brickwork replaced and repaired

The After: Good for another two hundred years

This section of old brickwork has been chopped about and altered several times over the decades, mostly in the provision of modern services (plumbers eh!).

When brickwork gets this bad the only sensible long term repair is to carefully remove it and rebuild, using a suitable lime based mortar of course.

Chimney caps

old crumbling chimney brickwork

End of the road for this decaying chimney cap

Chimney caps suffer more weather than anywhere else on your house and can get pretty worn out in a few decades. This one has a broken capping and spalling brickwork. The only option is to take it down until sturdy brickwork is found again. All done with lime mortar again, looks great I think.

chimney stack with new brickwork and blue brick cap

The same chimney stack with new brickwork and blue brick cap

repointed chimney stack with new brickwork to top and blue brick cap

Sister chimney stack, re-pointed, new brickwork to top, renovated leadwork and blue brick cap

Humanitarian work in East Africa

I worked with the British Conservative Party on the first Project Umubano, taking volunteers from the party into Rwanda to learn from and exchange ideas at a local level. I set up several placements for them and provided in country support.

bricklaying in Rwanda building a classroom

Working alongside fellow bricklayers just outside Kigali, Rwanda in 2007

building a classroom in Rwanda using local tradesmen or fundis

Explaining the roof structure by waving my arms about a lot!

building a stone heath unit at wanale in Uganda 1998

Simple building methods work the best in rural Uganda, stone from the fields and locally made windows

Decking or Terrasse as it is called here in Norway

Paying attention to details makes the job a little special

55m of outdoor usable space that is also low maintenance

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