Here you can find out how I can help you. I have several ‘hats’, so please follow the links below to find out more……

Concierge Service

byggmester, håndverker, vaktmester and concierge all rolled into one.

DIY Pluss

For those who have the desire but not the time……

Previously when you needed to repair, maintain or improve your house, there were only two choices:-

  1. Do it yourself, even though you already work hard and have a busy lifestyle.
  2. Pay someone to do it all for you, working overtime to pay for it.

Now there is a third way…. we do it together…. professionally assisted DIY.

Humanitarian Builder

I am available on a consultancy basis to assist and advise on construction issues in developing world situations, both online and in country. You can find some photos of my work on the ‘Photos of Uganda‘ page.

Or, if you just want to have a look at some of my work you can see some on my new “portfolio page“.


Thanks for calling in, I hope you find what you are looking for, please feel free to leave a comment if I can be of any help.

Stay well

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