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Uganda was where I did my VSO stint!

So of course I love Uganda and have very strong memories or all the experiences I had in and around Mbale in the East of the country.

books about Uganda

Books about Uganda

Books about Uganda
Grab at least a couple of books to take for the flight! I recommend as a minimum that you get “The teeth may smile but the heart does not forget” to start with . Read more…..

uganda flag

Ugandan Flag

Ugandan Flags
Flags are always popular everywhere and a great way to show your support of a country, you can also find here all sorts of flag related items, badges, postcards, fridge magnets etc.

Maps of Uganda

Getting around in Africa can be tricky and with termites munching through the sign posts, a map is going to be a great investment! Get a feel for where you will be living by grabbing a map before you go.

Thats it for the Uganda specific stuff, Don’t forget to head over to the ‘generic’ pages to see what you might need generally for your trip.

Oh, and if you find anything out there that you think should be here, head up to the contact page and let me know or leave a comment somewhere and I’ll find it!

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