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….’Land of a Thousand Hills’

Rwanda’s troubled past has led to a forward thinking progressive mindset amongst many Rwandans today. People are receptive to new ideas and very keen to learn from others, making Rwanda  wonderful place to volunteer. Everyone is determined to learn from the past and work towards a positive future.

Background reading for Rwanda


Books about Rwanda
Grab at least a couple of books to take for the flight! I recommend as a minimum that you get Dallaires factual account of the ‘Western’ side of the genocide and Philip Gourevitch’s book “We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families” for a personal account. Read more…..

Image of the Rwandan national flag

Flag related

Rwandan Flags
Flags are always popular everywhere and a great way to show your support of a country.

You can also find here all sorts of flag related items, badges, postcards, fridge magnets etc. Read more…..

image of the Movie Hotel Rwanda

Rwanda Movies

Movies about Rwanda
For a couple of must see movies for Rwanda, I recommend the most well know one being Hotel Rwanda, telling the story of Paul Rusesabagina’s experience at the Hotel des Milles Collines in Kigali. The other being “Shooting Dogs” for a hard hitting account. Read more…..

image on the CD cover from the movie Hotel Rwanda

Rwandan Music

Music from Rwanda
If you are new to East African music you are certainly in for a treat. From the Congo to the coast there is a range of musical styles that will have you on your feet in no time. Here is a couple to get you started but don’t forget to add to your collection in country where the best is yet to come. Read more…..

Image of a map of rwanda

Maps of Rwanda

Maps of Rwanda
Getting around in Africa can be tricky and with termites munching through the sign posts, a map is going to be a great investment!

Get a feel for where you will be living by grabbing a map before you go. Read more…..

Thats it for the Rwanda specific stuff, Don’t forget to head up to the pages under the ‘you’ve volunteered’ tag in the menu for some great advice about your trip.

Oh, and if you find anything out there that you think should be here, head up to the contact page and let me know or leave a comment somewhere and I’ll find it!

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