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Are you prepared?

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Be careful out there..........

As a Trauma and Disaster Management pro, I study peoples preparation in case of emergencies. The main outcome was learning that you are unlikely to have protected your personal details!

Imagine if you lost your house and everything in it (earthquake, fire, floods, etc). Hard isn’t it? Now, imagine how you would begin to start over without your bank account numbers, reference numbers, policy numbers, etc, etc. Doubly hard.

What happens if you die (sorry, but it happens……all the time)? You owe it to your family to sort your stuff out. They will have enough to deal with if you don’t make it.

So, I decided to design a simple template or sheet for you to store all your everyday information that you might need to access in an emergency or even on a practical everyday basis.

And because you really should have this stuff sorted out, you can download it for free here: Personal Information Sheet in WORD, and in EXCEL here: Personal Information Sheet.

It’s great for storing your….

  • Emergency contact details
  • Details of evecuation plans, rendezvous points etc (you did make a plan didn’t you…..)
  • Reference numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Customer numbers
  • User names and passwords
  • Postal addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Web site addresses
  • Location of stored documents

All this information MUST be safely stored, for you or your family, in case of emergency.

Having clear access to your important personal information will prevent additional stress and trauma to your family in the unfortunate even of an emergency.

Download the sheet, fill in your details, save it, upload it to your preferred backup or sync service (I like DropBox) for safe keeping and you will never be without your personal information again. Use a password if you have included sensitive information.

No special skills needed. No fancy programs or complicated stuff, just a big list of important information!

It’s not just for emergencies. The file will also be VERY useful:-

  • If you are a VOLUNTEER!!!
  • If you are moving house
  • If you are emigrating
  • If you have dependents or family
  • If you work away from home
  • If you are retired or take long holidays
  • If you live in a potential evacuation zone, floods, fires, snow etc
  • If you telephone or contact your utility, financial or other ’service providers’
  • If you want to take stock of your personal or family situation

I hope that you find the sheet useful and please feel free to leave a comment or suggestions for additional items that should be on the sheet.

Stay well

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