You’ve Volunteered…

Well done you!

And now your adventure is about to start…
You know where you are going… (kind of!).
Even if you’re not quite sure what to expect…
And you’re not quite sure what is expected of you.
But first, you have your existing life to pack away…
Oh, and you need to decide what to take with you…(oh shoot!)

But, don’t worry, I faced the same problems a few years ago and these pages explain what I learned…….

You may be the ‘new guy’ but that doesn’t mean that you have to act or look like a noob in the field!

I know that you’re excited and your head is full of the big challenge to come, but as part of your pre-departure training, take a moment to read my practical posts (under the ‘volunteer’ tag up there).

In brief:

  1. Find posts about health, personal safety, packing tips and how to act or react to different developing world situations.
  2. The ‘Uganda and Rwanda’ pages has relevant background reading material  and of course the obligatory guide book! 

I hope they help you think about what you might need and more importantly what to leave behind!

Anything you need help with, feel free to leave a comment or go to the ‘contact’ page and ping me an email. I’ll help you or at the very least point you in the right direction!
Stay well
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Ian Anderson MSc LCGI

As always I had intended to write loads more here, but life intervenes, so feel free to add your own advice in the comments!

And all recommendations for gear is from trusted suppliers like,  boots, millets, cadburys (yum!) and many more familiar high street retailers.

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