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It’s going to be a little quiet here……..

Well; it is almost over. Our time in New Zealand has flown by and after nearly 18 months we are packing and making plans to have a last minute wander around. Then it’s back to the UK for a much … Continue reading

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OK, now I feel like a dinosaur…..

In my ongoing attempt to learn how the Internet is screwed together I thought that I would have a look at what people are ‘searching for’ . Oh. Well……. I kind of expected that. So with the ‘remove adult content’ filter … Continue reading

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Visiting Africa changes you……..

It changed me for the better and although not everyone would agree, I see that as their problem not mine. After all, I cannot expect other people to feel the way I do, as they have not seen exactly what … Continue reading

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Middle age…..or mid life crisis?

I have just had a few days exploring the North of New Zealand, enjoying the rather open roads and the quiet contemplation that goes with such driving. It was along such a stretch, with everyone else having dozed off, that … Continue reading

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Maybe the world is not so complicated….

Let me explain; I have been around with my two little kids a lot this year and spent quite a lot of time in kindergarten and primary school, amongst people who work with children year in year out. I often … Continue reading

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