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It’s going to be a little quiet here……..

Well; it is almost over. Our time in New Zealand has flown by and after nearly 18 months we are packing and making plans to have a last minute wander around. Then it’s back to the UK for a much … Continue reading

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Visiting Africa changes you……..

It changed me for the better and although not everyone would agree, I see that as their problem not mine. After all, I cannot expect other people to feel the way I do, as they have not seen exactly what … Continue reading

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Middle age…..or mid life crisis?

I have just had a few days exploring the North of New Zealand, enjoying the rather open roads and the quiet contemplation that goes with such driving. It was along such a stretch, with everyone else having dozed off, that … Continue reading

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Maybe the world is not so complicated….

Let me explain; I have been around with my two little kids a lot this year and spent quite a lot of time in kindergarten and primary school, amongst people who work with children year in year out. I often … Continue reading

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immunity from life’s harshest lesson

Why are we so immune from learning hard lessons from others? Oh, don’t get me wrong, we make all the right noises about ‘living life to the max’ after hearing about someone dying young. But after a couple of hours … Continue reading

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