Gerber Pocket Sharpener

The last sharpener you’ll ever buy…

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To good and too cheap to ignore….

According to the Gerber team….

And they must be confident, as the guys at Gerber say that their Gerber pocket sharpener “will last as long as you own it“; which is pretty big talk for a cheap knife sharpener!

I got mine because I struggle to sharpen my knives, no really, I do. Lets be honest, unless you are Gordon Ramsey, sharpening your knife is closer to art than science using some sharpeners.

I needed a quick and cheap way of touching up my blades ‘in the field’, because as a circus knife thrower I use my knife dozens of times every day…….OK, I am not really in the circus (although it sometimes feels like it!), but as a craftsman I do give my daily carry knives a lot of use. From ripping open cardboard packed deliveries (terrible on blades), to sharpening my pencil. I always have my knives with me and they have to be sharp. The cheap and quick Gerber pocket sharpener works for me until I can get back into the workshop and back on the Tormek.

And here’s the thing, no matter who you are, you WILL be able to get a perfectly good edge on your knife with this tool, easily and quickly. If you don’t believe me (hey!?) then read the reviews page at and verify the tools effectiveness from other owners. (Or check out the video at the bottom of this post).

Here’s another thing; 86% of people who look at this sharpener on amazon, buy it….86%!

For sharpening your every day knives, I have found the Gerber Pocket Sharpener to be a near perfect solution, it costs about the same as a pint and requires no magical judgement or skills, unlike some more expensive knife sharpening options.


Less than the price of a pint!

The rocket science in the gerber pocket sharpener is in the design of the ceramic rods.

No special skills required from the person doing the sharpening!

Almost throwaway cheap to buy. Keep one wherever you use your knives.

How the gerber pocket sharpener works

There are two sides to the tool, a course set of ceramic rods and a fine pair. Your knackered old knife needs a few strokes on the course side and a few polishing strokes on the fine side. End of. Job done. NO messing about setting up anything or carefully calculating the angle of the dangle.

Oh, and it really is pocket sized/ at 97mm long, 7.1mm tall, just 5mm thick and it weighs virtually nothing.

For best results you need to read the instructions from Gerber OK? i.e. Don’t pull your knife through the pocket sharpener with the force of a SAS soldier trying to chop someones head off with a blunt pen knife. No, steady and gently draw the blade back to remove only the minimum of metal that you need to restore the damaged blade edge.

Once you have removed enough metal to gain a continuous edge with no chips, flip the sharpener over and follow up with a few gentle strokes to finish off the blade. This WILL give you a blade sharp enough for most tasks. (If you want to shave, may I suggest you visit a barber!) or you can of course finish off with a leather strop etc, but this tiny pocket sharpener isn’t about all that. It is a put in your pocket and go camping sort of sharpener for everyday use.

I got mine from and here is the link straight to it: gerber pocket sharpener, (or here if you want instead).

Actually, stock a whole range of Gerber stuff if you are a fan of the brand.

(If you are interested……)

The Gerber story is interesting actually…..

Joseph Gerber was in advertising until he commissioned a local knifemaker to craft some kitchen cutlery as gifts for his best clients. The knives created such a still that Joseph Gerber decided on a change of  career and started Gerber Legendary Blades in 1939.

Savvy, ingenuity, craftsmanship and attention to detail are all positive company characteristics that make Gerber a world leader in high performance outdoor gear.

Gerber states “With a history like ours-and products like these, it’s no wonder we’re completely unafraid of the future.” Gerber Pocket Sharpener

Their legend and motto is…

“Gerber: Fend for yourselves”

Ok, thats, it. Ping me or leave a comment and let me know how you get on with yours.

Stay well

Want to see one in action? Here you go!

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