DeWalt Safety Glasses

DeWalt Safety Glasses are a seriously stylish alternative to the crap goggles wedged under your seat in the van.

They look good, they don’t cost very much (under a tenner, some only 5 quid!), they are practical and comfy to wear and dont forget that in addition to all the above, they are safety glasses as well!

Fortunately, the old fashioned safety goggles that I grew up with (and loathed) are history. And for good reason; being scratched and fogged up led to them being chucked more often than not.

I have been using Dewalt Safety Glasses ever since they were kind enough to include a pair with my old nail gun! I wore those things just all the time, on the job and in the summer, I used to drive home in them!

dewalt safety glasses

DeWALT Safety Glasses

No more ill fitting, uncomfortable, daft looking safely glasses or safety goggles please.

Go and get yourself some decent ones and you can easily protect your eyes with safety glasses that can double as street wear.
These on the left are just one of 13 different pairs of DeWALT Safety Glasses that amazon have on their site.

There are loads to choose from and most cost under a tenner. Bargain!

From my research, the biggest problem you’ve got is deciding which pair looks the coolest…….

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