Bolle Safety Glasses and Goggles

“Bolle eye-wear delivers performance when you need it and style when you want it”, now that’s got to beat those crap goggles wedged under your seat in the van, hasn’t it?

The truth is that the old fashioned safety goggles that you grew up with and loathed are history. And for good reason; being scratched and fogged up led to them being abandoned more often than they were used.

Bad goggles are as dangerous to your health as no goggles at all. Be honest, we have all been in that situation when cutting with a Disc Cutter and you can hardly see the line that you are supposed to cut, so off comes the eye protection.

I am married to an “Eye Nurse Specialist” so get serious stick about protecting my eyes, can you imagine the grief that I would get if I came home with an eye injury and she found out that I wasn’t wearing eye protection. I’d never hear the end of it! Like you, I had to get myself sorted out with some serious kit, that would let me work without obscuring what I was doing.

I found one of the best ranges of eye wear from Bolle, who started out in 1888 making specialist opticals. Bolle now make a whole range of safety glasses or goggles to cope with any kind of eye protection needs in many different environments, work or play.

No more ill fitting, uncomfortable, daft looking safely glasses or safety goggles. Now you can easily protect your eyes with safety glasses that can double as street wear.

There are loads to choose from and most cost under a tenner. Bargain! The biggest problem you’ve got is deciding which pair looks the coolest…….

I hope this table proves that you don’t have to pay the earth for some of the best eye protection around. Do yourself a favour, bin those crap goggles and get some decent ones. Surely your eyesight is worth ten quid?

If you decide not to, be careful on Friday afternoons will you………why? My wife informs me that that’s when they get the most casualties turning up with serious eye injuries at the hospital…….I guess that you were rushing around to get finished for the weekend. Lets hope that it’s not your eyes that get finished instead. 🙁

Stay well

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