Flip over saw stuff started because….

…….I am so impressed with mine and think that the ‘dry’ specifications provided by the manufacturers don’t get across just how good these saws are!

So, I started this part of the site to promote flip saws, make it really easy to find out all about them and eventually where to go to get one of your very own.

I have seen so many tradesmen struggling with little mitre saws or other types of combination saws. They would all have benefited from owning a ‘do anything’ flip over saw or the “Classic TGS flip-over bevelling saw” as DeWALT describe their DW743N.

I use the two that I have just about all the time. Sometimes all day long, on everything from heavy framing or roofing work, right down to fine finishing works with tiny trims.

Feel free to send me an email about this site, or anything else for that matter. If you are a spammer though, or overly rude, I’ll have my men track you down………….

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

It’s a fair question and to answer it, well………..

  • I’m not trying to sell you anything; my post, articles, reviews and any conclusions are my own opinions based on over 25 years of experience.
  • I am a master craftsman in the restoration of fine houses, esp. ancient brickwork, (sorry if that sounds arrogant!)
  • I have over 25 years of specialist construction experience, on and off the tools, (in the UK and East Africa)
  • I have worked alongside many Rwandan, Ugandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian ‘fundis’ (local artisans), who have taught me as much as I have taught them.
  • Critical analysis and evaluation at an academic, as well as practical level is second nature,(MSc remember!)
  • I have been described as a ‘good’ builder, (I aimed to be a ‘great’ builder, but hey ho, that’s life!)
  • I am obsessive about quality workmanship, often taking ‘doing it right’ to pedantic levels.
  • I produce quality workmanship and for that I need to be knowledgeable about tools and techniques.
  • I have worked with great tools on a daily basis and know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Incidentally, I have never had a bad debt, (Philosophy: ‘Produce a great job = happy client = get paid’)

So, with much blowing of ones own trumpet, thats me. My learning is always ongoing though and I am always ready to yield to a higher knowledge! So please email me if you want to call me a numpty!

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Very Brief Bio

I qualified as a bricklayer in the late 80’s and worked for some pretty discerning clients, often on houses of some character. The 90’s saw the brickwork quickly expanding to a full building service, involving employees, subcontractors and specialising in providing quality craftsmanship.

A need for adventure in 1997 saw two and a half years in Uganda, managing the building of Maternity Health Units for CARE International, supported by DfID, (the British governments overseas development department).

Meeting an amazing Norwegian nurse also working in Uganda led to marriage and children along the way! I then took a Masters Degree in Trauma and Disaster Management at the University of Lincoln, trying to make sense of what I saw in Africa. I also recently did project management work in Rwanda alongside the Conservative Parties shadow development team, which further strengthened my love for the region.

Work then turned towards more traditional building methods and specialisation in renovation work using lime mortar followed, up to a move to New Zealand in 2008.

Then 18 months in New Zealand meant a supporting role for me, looking after our two little ones on a 3 acre plot, way North of Auckland, aiming to grow vegetables faster than weeds and trying not to paddle too much chicken poop into the house!

Now we live in Norway and have it all to do again! A new house has just been bought and thoughts now turn to how we are going to pay for it all………..

That’s me up to date, thanks for making it this far!

Stay well,

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