Luggage Scales from Cabin Max

Keeps your hard earned cash out of Ryanairs pocket!

Making sure that your hand luggage doesn’t exceed 10kg (Ryanair current hand luggage allowance) is as important as the bag fitting into the silly cage thingy at the checkin counter these days.

Especially if you only take carry on luggage. We decided to go hand luggage only a while back once we found the Cabin Max backpack style hand luggage, that allowed us to really maximise our carry on allowance and still stay within the ‘law’. This means that we really only need keep an eye on the weight.

digital luggage scales cabin max or pocket travel scales

Compact and easy to use

Sticking with the Cabin Max guys we also got their digital luggage scales or travel scales. As you can see they are small and simple and need little explanation, you hang your bag on them and read the display! When your done, pop them back in the little fabric bag and chuck them back in the drawer till next time.

Unless you want to take the luggage scales with you for the return trip (souvenirs remember!). Then you need to work out how much the scales themselves weigh and add it to the weight that the pocket scales gave you, to make sure they don’t take you over the 10kg, because that would be really ironic and even tragic…………lol!

Price wise there is not much to mention, these are cheap at well under a tenner in my opinion. is usually the cheapest and this link takes you straight there: Digital Travel Luggage Scales, (or here if you are in the states), they even chuck in a little carry bag and some batteries too. Oh, another good point is that these scales use normal triple A batteries, not some obscure flat battery that is going to cost you half what you paid for the pocket scales!

I hope that helps you make up your mind. I’ll post a couple of photos of mine here so that you can see exactly what you are getting.

travel scales for luggage from cabin max

The whole caboodle…..(matches NOT included)…. *smiling*

luggage weighing scales from cabin max

Really clear blue background digital display on these travel scales

portable scales from cabin max specifications on the box

It does what it says on the box……although the instructions are closer to the original Chinese than English *lol*

Thats all folks, let me know how you get on with them.

Stay well

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