Cabin Max Backpack Bag: the biggest hand luggage…

…you can carry on board with most budget airlines.

£40 plus…..for just one bag!

I just paid more than £40 to put a 15kg bag in the hold on a Ryanair flight to Oslo….ouch! Forty odd quid for a small case when I could have carried on 10kgs plus another 10kg’s each for my kids. Yup, 30kg’s for FREE. And I paid to put 15kgs in the hold. Muppet.

Determined never to be ‘stung’ again I searched to find a cabin bag exactly the maximum size I could carry on an Ryanair flight. I was amazed at how difficult it was. Lots of smaller bags, but I wanted to take the maximum, why restrict your free luggage allowance? Mostly because not putting a suitcase in the hold, means luggage space in the cabin baggage is at a premium.

My budget was under £40, because it makes sense to buy a cabin bag for less than the cost of putting a bag or suitcase in the hold, (making it a no-brainer). Well, that turned out to be more difficult than I thought too! Lots of cheap  cabin bags that were smaller that Ryanair’s max sizes of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and some hand luggage that was the right size, but way over my £40 budget.

cabin max the biggest hand luggage allowed

No more baggage claim for me…

There is also a lot of ‘confusion’ (why I don’t know, the rules are crystal clear) about what the sizes mean. Lets be honest, it’s not rocket science, the cabin bag sizes I just quoted are MAXIMUM sizes, including everything, wheels, handles or anything else that is a part of, or attached to the bag or suitcase. End of. No discussion. No, “well I took it last time and it was all right”. No, “no one checked it when I flew to Caracas last week”. Etc. etc. etc. 55x40x20 means EXACTLY that. Oh, and only 10kgs too. And yes that means 10kgs including the wheels, handles etc 🙂

Anyway, after a lot of research and reading reviews I found the ‘perfect’ hand luggage or cabin bag for a budget airline flight. It’s called the Cabin Max Backpack Bag, (bit obvious huh?)

Cabin Max hand luggage

The mighty Cabin Max!

The cabin max backpack bag is designed to fit the maximum size allowed on a Ryanair flight, thats 55cm x 40cm x 20cm which translates to a massive 44 litres! I can get all my stuff in mine with space left over for some of the kids overspill! It’s even water resistant, not that it is ever going to be sat out on the tarmac waiting to be loaded into the hold!!

My cabin max bag is a simple soft nylon carry all with a padded back and pull tight straps to compress everything down to that crucial maximum size, even if you have packed it to bursting! There is no frame or wheels to gobble up your precious weight allowance, meaning that the cabin max backpack weighs way under a kilo! My considerably smaller kids cases weigh 2.5kg’s!!

I also love that the cabin max bag has 3 main zipped compartments and 2 more inside, because don’t forget that you can’t take another bag with you. This isn’t your hold luggage going on board with you, this IS your hand luggage and so all your bits and bobs or your hand bag must fit inside it. (another area that seems to cause confusion, with Ryanair, one means one. Simple).

Cabin Max carry on luggage

Just cabin baggage for me….

You might think “I want a wheeled cabin max”. No you don’t. No, really, you don’t! Trust me, it is that part of the wheels/frame caboodle that weighs so much on a conventional case. And don’t forget your hand luggage can only weigh 10kg’s making it easy to carry using the adjustable backpack style shoulder straps or normal carrying handles.

The backpack style of the Cabin Max means that your hands are free for those check in moments. This works really well for me with two kids and their cabin bags to carry on board too.

And the cost is way under my budget, in fact at the moment it is not much more than half!

So, where can I get one?

Hold your horses! I’m getting around to that! I got mine from, because I couldn’t find it cheaper anywhere else, you may follow this link for their latest prices for the Cabin Max backpack bag, with free delivery and of course Amazon’s famous no quibble guarantee (or just click on the photos you like!)

If you’re in the good ‘ole US of A, you can hit this link to go to the Cabin Max page on and enjoy the cheap prices that you guys enjoy over the pond! (Lucky so and so’s).

Additional versions of the Cabin Max Bag

You can simply click on each photo to see prices etc at Right, here are the latest versions and colours….

cool green cabin max backpack

Cool green Cabin Max anyone?

The range just gets better and better! this is the “Cabin Max Carry On Maximum Allowance Easy Pack 44l backpack suitcase”, bit of a mouthful but it looks like a real nice bag. Here is a pic….

Cabin Max Carry On Maximum Allowance Easy Pack 44l backpack suitcase

Easy Pack Cabin Max Backpack


Cabin Max Carry On Maximum Allowance Easy Pack 44l backpack suitcase open

Where your stuff goes in the Easy Pack Cabin Max!

and of course there is purple for the more adventurous travelers among you…

purple version of the biggest hand luggage you can take on board

Purple version of the cabin Max Backpack

Wheeled version of the Cabin Max

If you absolutely insist on having wheels on your Cabin Max, well now you can! Here are some photos from GadgetUK, the manufacturers of the Cabin Max range…

Cabin Max, the flight approved carry on trolley bag...with wheels

Cabin Max, the flight approved carry on trolley bag

and again in murple purple!

Trolley version in Purple Cabin Max Bag the biggest cabin luggage

Trolley version in Purple Cabin Max Bag

Cabin Max Backpack Main Features in Photos

Here are a few more shots to give you a better idea of how the ‘regular’ cabin max backpack looks, although nothing prepares you for how big they actually are! (When I clapped eyes on mine for the first time I almost didn’t believe that it complied with the rules!)

Cabin max the best hand luggage for ryanair

Flight Approved Cabin Max, ideal for Ryanair

Image of the rear of the Cabin Max Backpack

Padded back and easy carry straps, leaves your hands free

cabin max baggage has sturdy handle

Sturdy main handle on the Cabin Max

multiple storage pockets in front of cabin max

Big zip open front gives access to multiple pockets

image of the cabin max backpack extra front pocket

Extra front pocket on the cabin max is ideal for passports and tickets

image of the quality zips and fasteners on the cabin max backpack

Solid zips and fasteners for long life and practicality

image of the military style pull tight straps to compress the cabin max backpack

Military style compress straps keep contents tight and the bag small.

image of the airflow design on the back of cabin max backpack

Cabin max backpack has airflow ducts around the padding to keep you cool

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Here are some links to websites that have great advice about travelling with only hand luggage…….

Martin Lewis (awesome and possibly best site online for saving cash!) also has some beat-budget-airline-charges tips on his website.

The great skyscanner site has a useful post about How to pack your Cabin Max

Extra tip!

Don’t forget that to ensure you don’t fall foul of the ‘other’ rule, i.e The 10kg rule; you might want to read what I thought about my set of Luggage Scales………….These are from the same manufacturer as the Cabin Max and cost under a tenner.

Cabin Max Digital Portable Travel Luggage Scale with Free Carry Bag - batteries included

10 KGs and no more or else……


If you want to see how much you can get into a carry on bag……

Here is a cool video on just how much you can get into a cabin max sized bag! Hit the mute button though, unless you like really cheezy music….. lol!

And finally, one for anyone who has ever flown “no frills” with a certain Irish airline……..Go here: Fascinating Aida, if you want to see more of these fabulous ladies!

Great, thanks for making it this far, I hope that you get on with yours as well as I do mine. Please feel free to leave a comment if you want to add to this thread or just say hi. And don’t forget if you go to amazon through this site you will help chip in towards my enormous coffee bill 😀

Incidentally, the Cabin Max started out at £49.95 and because of your demand for this great bag most versions have dropped and are now under £30. And don’t forget that people were commenting on Amazon that it was great value when it was nearly £50 quid!

Stay well


47 Responses to Cabin Max Backpack Bag: the biggest hand luggage…

  1. Ian says:

    Not really, been a while since I have bought one!

  2. Thu Ya Win says:

    Any recommendations?

  3. Ian says:

    I think the design is more suitable for occasional use (i.e cabin baggage) and for sure there are more comfortable backpack straps out there. It is quite a large bag at 55cm x 40cm x 20cm or so and 44L I think.

    I think for everyday use I’d go for a regular backpack, especially if you’re going to be loading it up with heavy shopping etc.
    Best regards

  4. Thu Ya Win says:

    Can this be used for every day at Uni? Or is too big?

    I want a bag I can use for Uni everyday but big enough for traveling to and from home. Also for Tesco shopping.

  5. Ian says:

    Hi Steph,
    The flap unzipps on three sides and then rolls up to the top and is secured with small velcro straps, a bit like the door on a tent. Pretty good system.
    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Steph says:

    Reading all the reviews of the wheeled cabin max, I’m not quite clear how it works. When using the wheels I understand you unzip the flap at the back. Does this mean the flap just dangles down or do you have to detach it and pack it inside the bag? Thanks

  7. Will says:

    I bought the San Remo backpack from this company but it’s much smaller than stated on their website. Despite the company clearly being at fault they refused to pay for the return postage, leaving me out of pocket. This was a couple of months ago and they still haven’t changed the measurements on their website – clearly they don’t care about their customers. And they haven’t published my review either. Be very careful. I ended up buying the Cabin Zero backpack which is superb.

  8. David Woods says:

    Wow Cabin Max have done it again… with the new Ryan Air 2nd carry on bag allowance 35x20x20 stowed under the seat they have produced the Cabin Max Arezzo Stowaway bag 35x20x20cm currently £15 on amazon.. have just bought 2 and matched them with Amazon current sale price Cabin Max Madrid back back 55x40x20 at £9.99 each.. should have plenty of space for 6 nights clothing for our upcoming trip. Put the heavier stuff in the smaller bag as there is no weight restriction on this bag.

  9. Ian says:

    Shame Susana, I guess you’ll just have to keep looking for that perfect bag!
    Thanks for coming back.

  10. Susana says:

    Hi Ian,

    I tried orderning through and they do not ship to Canada… and the equivalent of those bags (a mother ebag) is way too big for Ryanair (by a few inches but we all know that in Ryanair even a couple of itsy bitsy extra inches do matter)

  11. Ian says:

    Hi Marlene,

    It’s smaller because it’s designed to go underneath the seat to save scrabbling for overhead locker space. See this link… for more details, unless my math is off this bag is around 24L in size.

    Re the Berlin, hmm. Cabin max offer their guarantee that you’ll have no problem but I can’t see it. At 55 litres the bag has to be bigger than the 55x40x20 Ryanair allow. Simple physics! Of course you may never get measured and the bag itself is approved for use, but still get someone whose having a bad day at the gate and you never know. Ultimately it has to fit into the cage regardless.

    Thanks for stopping by Marlene!

  12. Marlene says:

    Hi, I have both a cabinmax backpack and the backpack with wheels and we love them. We get loads into them, quality is fine and we have never had a problem getting them onto a Ryanair flight. However, I have just booked another Ryanair flight and noticed that Ryanair are now advertising an American Tourister underseat backpack on their website and just can’t find out how many litres this bag holds – does anyone have any information on what it is like? Also have just seen that Cabinmax now have a bag called the “Berlin” – it is expandable and will hold up to 55 litres. Does this bag hold more than the original Cabinmax backpack (44 litres) when it has not been expanded? Thanks

  13. Ian says:

    Yes, news to me too. I am actually in the process of replying to an email from the manufacturers, I’ll ask him what’s happened. If you order them through, will they ship to Canada?

  14. Susana says:

    I have the same issue, I’m in Canada and can not find it anywhere… does not carry them anymore (If you search for cabin max it redirects you to ebags which are considerably more expensive)

  15. Ian says:

    Did you try wouldn’t ship to our new home in Norway either so we ordered ours from and guess where it shipped from………yup. the UK lol!

  16. abu says:

    i cant find it in uk would’t ship to canada.

  17. Ian says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Well, I’ve had mine for more than a couple of years now, using them 4 or 5 times a year. Always full to bursting and very close to the ten kilo limit!

    I have also seen the negative reviews and wonder what could have happened, but then I look at the vast majority of reviews that match my own and think that you never know what some people do with their stuff!

    Also, when you take delivery, go over the bag with a fine toothed comb and any problem at all, return it! I must say that I think that mine will last almost indefinitely as I carry it everywhere, it never goes in the hold so why should it get damaged if I look after it and treat it well?

    And financially, it costs so much to put a bag in the hold that even if it only lasts a few years it still makes sense.
    Hope that helps Catherine! Good luck making the decision and thanks for stopping by,
    Stay well
    p.s. I would say though Catherine, I MUCH prefer the non-wheeled version!!

  18. Catherine says:

    When I saw this bag I was like: this is the solution! But now I don’t feel too much confident after reading some of the amazon reviews. Has anyone used it for more than a trip? I’m planning on having consequently trips and I really don’t want to have troubles with my bag..

  19. Ian says:

    Your welcome Marlene! I know the whole cabin max with wheels thing was/is a bit of a fiasco! I wish that they had stuck to the simple backpack cabin max but talking to the MD of Gizmo (GadgetUK) he said that it was a response to requests. Simple, people want wheels these days.

    I think you made the right choice though, I have both types and I much prefer the one without wheels as I ‘wear’ it keeping my hands free, I never wear the one with wheels. Weird human nature huh!

    Happy travels Marlene!

  20. Marlene says:

    Hi, As frequent flyers on Ryanair we go through the headache of making sure our carry-on bags do not exceed Ryanairs very strict maximum dimensions and weight only too often. After spending a few days now reading reviews I decided to finally purchase a couple of Cabin Max Back Packs today through – one BackPack without wheels and one BackPack with wheels. I am so glad that I checked my order details before confirming the purchase as the measurements on the Cabin Max Back Pack with wheels has now changed and the depth measurement is being advertised as a larger 25cm, making it no-longer suitable for Ryanair. On the website both colours of the Cabin Max Wheeled BackPack are advertised twice, once showing the smaller measurements of 50cm x 40cm x 20cm and then the other one specifically stating that it is suitable for Easyjet in the title and then giving the larger dimension of 50cm x 40cm x25cm.

    In the end I opted for purchasing one Cabin Max BackPack without wheels and one Karabar Cabin Approved Back Pack as they both got good reviews and are advertised as the same dimensions but the Karabar Back Pack also has a side handle – I can see if either one is better.

    Thanks for a great review – it really helped me make my decision.

  21. Ian says:

    Sounds like a proper field test Barry! Glad that the cabin max held up! Mine dont get anywhere near the abuse, although Ryanair luggage storage lockers do get pretty cramped!
    Keep on travelling Barry 🙂
    Stay well

  22. Barry Emmott says:

    I took my CabinMax bag as cabin luggage on a 18,000+ mile trip to Lima, Peru and then down (by surface transport) through Peru and Chile to Punta Arenas and back up to Santiago, Chile before flying home via Madrid. It did the job perfectly and I packed my netbook in its “padded jacket” in the larger front zipped compartment.
    Brilliant product !!

  23. Ian says:

    Hi Carol,
    I have a wheeled one as well and it has never been challenged by airline staff and mine went into the metal cage, you know the one that looks like a frame. Of course you do get a touch of leeway with this frame, i.e you can push it in. I hear stories of Ryanair walking up and down the line with a cardboard box, dropping it over suspected oversize cases, would the wheeled cabin max pass this test, don’t know is the honest answer. However, in my experience they are usually looking for obvious oversized/dumb stuff, not bags that are an inch wider than it should be.

    As always, peoples experiences vary! We never get any trouble, but you do hear that some do, but then, there are some strange folks out there, maybe some people radiate some kind of aggressive ‘don’t mess with me Ryanair’ attitude that gets them into trouble lol!

    Incidentally, the wheeled version is essentially the same bag, only with a rigid back and bottom that holds the wheels etc.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Carol!
    Stay well

  24. Carol Woodfield says:


    Just been reading through the comments regarding the Cabin Max and am very impressed. Purely for ease of getting around for me, I would be looking to get the wheeled version, however, I note the dimensions are slighty bigger than the Ryanair baggage allowance allows – do you know, or have any readers been stopped because of the bigger dimensions? Are you saying it definately would not fit in their sizing cage?

    Many Thanks for your advise.


  25. Ian says:

    They sure do Ani, light and sturdy, a great combination!
    Try, they have them!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    p.s. Feel free to link to the page to help others!

  26. ani may says:

    In Australia, the cabin bag is restricted to 7 kilos!
    But I am going to see if I can find one of these here, nevertheless – if it really weighs under a kilo on its own, that’s great!

  27. Anne J S says:

    No, there is no easyJet weight restriction and I see your point that I could fill it fuller. I’ve not found anything better. What a pity the Cabin Max on wheels is too long, at 60cm. Thanks for your help.

  28. Ian says:

    Hi Anne,

    I would still go with the regular Cabin Max. I say this because Cabin Max is 55x40x20 when empty, in reality, when packed it really is quite a big bag!

    I don’t think that you would find a bag that is closer to the easy jet dimentions than the Cabin Max. Do Easy jet still say ‘any weight’ (within reason) ??

    Please let me know if your digging turns up a bag more suited for Easy jet and then I can post about it here to help others!

    Thanks for stopping by Anne,
    Catch you later

  29. Anne J S says:

    Can you help with a bag that suits the new easyjet dimensions – 56 x 45 x 25? Thanks.

  30. Ian says:

    Hi Denise,
    Sorry for the delay, been on holiday (flew Ryanair using my cabin max’s of course!)
    Yes, I think that it could be a problem, the handle is quite small on the top and doesn’t seem to stick out of the cage thingy enough to catch the attention of Ryanairs staff……but of course if you get one that is having a bad day………
    I actually cut down the bottom board in my wheeled version and it is still a bit wider than 20cms too……..
    On balance, I think that my wheeled version just isn’t worth the bother, I prefer the straight soft version and that is perfect size wise.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Denise, cheers!

  31. DBB says:

    I’ve noticed that the Cabin Max with wheels is 60 x 40 x 20, yet the maximum dimensions for cabin luggage on most airlines is 55 x 45 x 20 … a problem?

  32. Ian says:

    Saw this pic today on of the cabin max inside one of the airport hand baggage sizing frames.

    Cabin Max in a cage pic!

    Fits easy!

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  34. Ian says:

    Hi Duncan,
    Thanks for taking the time to wrote about the Cabin Zero. Sad to hear that the fittings aren’t so good on the Zero. I guess that bags in this price range have to shave off every penny to make it worth while manufacturing, shipping and then retailing, otherwise there cannot be much profit in it.

    I guess that they still make sense though even if they only last a few trips given how much it costs to put a bag in the hold for one trip.

    Someone else asked me about the zips on the Cabin Max and so I have updated the photos on the original article if you want to check out the close up of the zips on the Max.

    Fortunately our Cabin Max’s have those ‘chunky’ type zips that seem easier to pull than the smaller metal ones. We have used ours a few times now and no problems yet, even tho they are bursting sometimes 🙂

    I hope that your comment helps someone else to decide which one to chose! I am waiting for my Cabin Max with wheels so I’ll comment on that when it gets here.

    Thanks again for stopping by Duncan,

  35. Ian Anderson says:

    Finally the Wheeled version of the Cabin Max is here!
    Cabin Max with wheels

    Go get one and then tell us about it here!

  36. Duncan Scott says:

    Ok, in the end purchased a Cabin Zero, not through Amazon but directly from Trip Needs as it was cheaper. After comparing and a bit of research on the Cabin Max; which had excellent reviews I plumpt for the Cabin Zero purely on cost. Have to say that looks wise I personally do not think it is as nice as the CM. I have just used on a 3 day business trip to Linz, Austria via Ryanair. Had enough room for a suit, couple of shirts and some casual evening clothing plus toiletries & laptop easily within my allowance thanks to the CZ only weighing in at 600g empty. This proved useful as I collected around a kilo of additional materials during the trip and did get checked for weight on the return trip and was still within my allowance.
    My only complaints would be the zips, these seem cheap and hard to open and close. Already during this trip one of the toggle strings snapped off because of this, which given it was its first real use I found dissapointing, but then for £17 all in, is it that bad..?
    Bit gutted as Cabin Max have now, only a week after my purchase launched a wheeled version which, if I had my time again I would have gone for regardless of the addition weight and would be my recommendation.

  37. Ian says:

    Who said that competition isn’t a good thing for the consumer? The ‘face off’ between my beloved Cabin Max and the Cabin Zero is hotting up nicely with prices coming down accordingly.

    But the million dollar question is “which one is best?” I don’t have a Cabin Zero, so come on all you guys that have just bought one, call back in here and let us know how you got on with it.

    At the new price level, whichever one you choose is now a complete no-brainer, as it simply costs more to put ONE bag in the hold for ONE trip.

    Potentially, if a couple of you go away 3 or 4 times a year, thats saving £300-400 a year in baggage fees, thats nearly a free long weekend somewhere!

    Hand luggage rocks, yeah!
    Stay well

  38. Ian says:


    Amazon have discounted the Cabin Max again, it’s now 50% of the original price taking it down to less than £25. Bargain!

    Don’t tell my sister though, she hates it when she has bought something and then the price goes down!

    Merry Christmas!

  39. Ian says:

    I found out today that there is a slightly cheaper ‘version’, full size hand luggage available on available at £19.99.

    It looks like a ‘copy’ to me and I would be interested to hear from anyoe who has bought it and see how it compares to my Cabin Max bags.

    You can check it out here…….

    Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have one 🙂

  40. Ian says:

    Hi Duncan,
    Good point actually, the guys at said that they would send me a sample and that was a while ago. I’ll email them and try to find out.

    You are so right about the “copy” bag, it looks like a blatant copy, but then again, I guess that you can’t patent a bag just based on its size.

    I had a look and found it interesting that the sales are about equal!

    55% buy the item featured on this page:
    TripNeeds CabinZERO Ultra-Light Cabin Sized Backpack 44L Capacity Black/Grey by Tripneeds

    45% buy
    Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved Carry On Bag massive 44 litre travel luggage by Cabin Max 4.7 out of 5 stars (71)

    Thanks for stopping by Duncan and thanks again for leaving a comment!
    I hope that whichever bag you chose does what you need it to do!

  41. Duncan Scott says:

    Hi Ian, Firstly great article really informative. Was just about to buy Cabin Max when I read your comment that they would be launching a version with wheels before Christmas…just wondered if you had an update. Also noted on Amazon that they seem to have constructed their own copy of this the “Cabin ZERO” just wondered if anybody had purchased/used one yet as I cannot find any reviews and it looks the same but is £10.00 cheaper..?

    Cabin Zero

    Many Thanks,

  42. ian anderson says:

    Sexy? Ok, I know the Cabin Max isn’t very sexy to look at (someone commented today that it wasn’t a very sexy bag and felt lightweight).

    But hey! Thats the whole point! IF it felt heavy and solid it wouldn’t be the lightest weight hand luggage would it? We are so used to equating quality with weight that it is difficult to appreciate something that has been designed to be lightweight for a purpose.

    As for sexy, well save that for the cheap weekend in Prague that you get flying using the Cabin Max! Sorry, but to get the maximum space within your cabin baggage allowance from someone like Ryanair it needs to be square.

    Sure it could be a funky, streamlined, rounded shape but then you would sacrifice so much of the space that makes the Cabin Max unique, 44 liters remember!

    Hope that clears that up!

  43. ian anderson says:

    I got asked the other day “are there any alternatives to the cabin max, if I have a little more money to spend?” Well of course money talks and there are other flight approved cabin bags that match the maximum sizes allowed. One such bag is the “Tatonka, travel rucksack” If you are in the market for an high end hand luggage that allows you to make use of all of Ryanairs hand baggage allowance; here it is on

  44. M.G.Slater says:

    I read numerous reviews about this product; all seemed very positive. It appeared to fit my needs perfectly so I bought one. This backpack does exactly what it’s supposed to, it’s light weight, and fits the carry on baggage allowance perfectly. It’s well made and neatly designed.

    Its one of those items that wins on practicality rather than looks. It easily holds more than enough clothes for a long weekend away, but I had to pack another backpack in it to use for the beach/shopping trips, because its just too big for those jobs.
    The Cabin Max is very comfortable to carry and doesn’t feel as big as it 44 litres would have you believe.
    In conclusion, I recommend the Cabin Max Backpack as an ideal solution to not paying for check in baggage.

  45. ian anderson says:

    Pssst!……..Guess what I just found out…..?

    Don’t tell anyone yet though, but I just heard from a VERY reliable source that the guys that make the Cabin Max are in the process of making a BRAND NEW Cabin Max version………with…………….WHEELS!

    OK, so you know my views on wheels (heavy and that a backpack design is better), but guess what? This new additional design not only has wheels but it has the backpack straps as well! Win, win.

    So, of course there has to be a penalty for the wheels and you will lose about a kilo of precious weight. But if you NEED wheels, then you got em!

    You will have to wait though…….it is due for release before Christmas. Ping me a comment or an email and I will add you to my list of people to notify when they are released.

    There you go, best of both worlds, how often do you get that? BIG Cabin Max, Laptop Bag and now wheels, the range just gets better!

    Stay well

  46. ian anderson says:

    One more note. Don’t forget that you need to slightly alter how you travel when you don’t put baggage in the hold of an airplane, due to new restrictions on what can be included in your hand luggage.

    If your hand baggage is your only bag, this does unfortunately mean that you are limited to the amount of liquids, gels and potentially sharp items that you can pack.

    This means no tweezers etc, or lots of bottles of creams, shampoos, toothpastes etc. You can take some (check individual airlines for exact rules) if you take it out of your hand luggage through security and place them in a 1lt clear plastic bag for inspection.

    Still, its a small price to ‘pay’ and lets face it, supermarkets are everywhere these days and open around the clock, making it really easy to grab a few toiletries on the go.

    Happy and more importantly safe travelling!

  47. Ian Anderson says:

    I just found that the price has gone down on the Cabin Max and it is now just £24.95…..dang and I paid £35 for mine, just after they came out!

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