Chicken mania at Hagakollen 39…

DSCN0817It seems all things are chicken related in our life recently. It has been 12 weeks since we picked up half a dozen (see, chicken related language too!) fluffy little balls with tiny beaks and claws.

But that seems a long time ago now when you look at them, all grown up. Well, not quite grown up, lets say ‘teenage’ chickens. Still, we can’t expect any eggs this summer as it’s usually around the 20 week mark before they start laying. Plus, we were a little unfortunate with the three light Sussex chicks, as 2 turned out to be cockerels, so we sold them on for a tiny profit. Sad to see them go as they were magnificent looking chickens as well as great characters (well, not No.2 as he was a little mean).

I just wanted to post his short video to show how fussy chickens are when it comes to choosing a place to sleep. It seems that each chicken wants to sleep where another one is already settled down. Quite comical to watch this totally pointless exercise, especially when you remember that chickens are NOT fussy about anything else in their life. They are not fussy about what they eat, they are not fussy about where they live, they quite happily poop in their food or water or step in their poop and then walk all over their food or indeed each other! But come twilight you can recon on some serious squawking as they ‘negotiate’ (ok step on each other!) about where they are going to while away the small hours………

The transcript goes something like…. No, no, I want to sleep there, you sleep over here, no, hang on. You move over and I’ll just go over the top. Nope, no good, you stay there and I’ll just jump down and then back up over there…. and so on for half an hour…

Happy summer holidays to you all


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Gift horses and mucho firewood…

They say you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, which I think means saying yes when the neighbour asks if you want the wood from a 70 year old Ash tree. Even if the sheer size of the tree made me break into a sweat just thinking about it!

Turning the neighbours unwanted  tree into firewood

I think this is about half of it, which means I still have some work to do to get it all chopped and stacked before it snows. William has turned into a wood stacking maestro, making quite a neat job of it I recon. Not bad in exchange for a few biscuits…

I’ve no idea where I’m going to stack the rest of it, we are all firewooded out now, but you can be sure it won’t get wasted. Looking forward to saving lots of electricity…

Hope your autumn is giving you plenty of opportunity to get out and about among the fallen leaves before winter sets in.

Stay well


p.s. this is what it looked like before we started…

old ash tree sliced and ready for chopping

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Spring into Summer

spring flowers in norway

Hard to believe this was a metre deep in snow a few weeks ago.

Oh the snow seems like such a distant memory, with 20 degree plus days and long evenings. Heavenly. I think that it’s only dark from midnight till three, amazing. Just wish I had the energy to work for those 21 hours, sleeping in full sunlight seems wrong, unless it’s a post lunch snooze of course, that’s perfectly acceptable, whatever your age 😉

Hope the weather is treating you as kindly.

Stay well


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Fairy garden, doorway into tree

Had fun with the kids a few days ago making this fairy doorway into an old stump on a tree in our front garden. We even cut some steps into the tree to make it easy for the fairies to finish off the inside………..

fairy doorway

Fairy garden, with doorway into the magical world!

Real steps!

Real steps!

Fairy doorway complete with window on the upper floor!

Fairy doorway complete with window on the upper floor!

Stay well


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When a boy becomes a ‘man’…

First fishing trip to Hvalstrand

It was bound to happen one day, William has beaten me at fishing. Especially well done as it was very windy and we only stayed a short time. Double well done as William spent most of that short time fossicking on the beach….and he still beat me.

William and first Dab

Williams first Dab and a Dad beater at that!

However; magnanimously and graciously, I have never been more happy to be ‘last’ in my life… his face was a picture.

Looking forward to many more evenings spent down at the beach,

Stay well



The moment when William learns that 'dead' fish can still move...

The moment when William learns that ‘dead’ fish can still move…

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