How to Choose the Best Knee Pads

So that you get the best knee protection…..

knee pads

Nailers G1 Gel Knee Pads

I know, I know, everybody says that you’re not supposed to kneel down, but lets be honest, you know that you do!

And while we are being honest, I don’t see how you can avoid kneeling in the building game either. Choosing the right knee pads will at least enable you to kneel down comfortably and get some protection.

For years I wore jeans to work and suffer today as a result of those years kneeling down without knee pads. Now, my protection choice is to wear trousers with knee pads from Snickers Clothing, but Dickies, Scruffs, Cat, Mascot, Regatta and even Makita the tool guys, are also making decent work trousers with kneepads in them these days.

What should you look for when deciding what pads to get?

Take a minute to think about…..

  1. How often do you need to kneel down?
  2. When you kneel down, is it going to be planned or spontaneous?
  3. What kind of surface are you going to be kneeling on?
  4. How long are you likely to be down on your knees?

Pondering the above, will help you decide what level of protection you need, from a slip in pad for occasional kneeling, to strap on Nailers G2 knee pads for some serious protection.

Trouble is, there are a lot of products in between! But your a big boy now and will have some idea of what you need after following the questions above. So, feel free to follow any of the blue links here to take a look at some of the knee pads I hear good things about.

knee saver mat, or knee pads

Anti Piles Protection?

Your other options for knee protection, include a knee saver mat which might be ideal for some of you as it could double up as arse protection when sitting on a concrete block at snap time! You don’t wants piles, trust me on that at least……. 🙁

As a builder I am not that often on my knees, but I do kneel down for odds and ends several time a day. I am also likely to kneel on poor surfaces like rubble or concrete. So, like I said, for me worktrousers with knee pads are best for ‘always on’ knee protection.

However, a mate of mine fits wooden flooring most days and tells me that his thin pads soon give up the ghost. He prefers knee pads with gel in them as they are better suited for all day use.

What do you guys think, are knee pads in work trousers the way to go or are kneepads with gel or memory protection better on the old knees? Come on in and drop me a comment, I’ll go and put the kettle on……

Stay well

P.S. you can find lots of kneepads at, over 120 different knee pads and knee related items. There are even books about knees and how to look after them, awesome!

Or, screwfix have lots of knee pads too.

P.P.S. I just wrote a new lens about how to chose new knee pads and you can find it at Let me know what you think!

13 Responses to How to Choose the Best Knee Pads

  1. Ian says:

    Something like this should see you out…
    on your feckin' knees boy

  2. Stevie bonson says:

    I’m going to be having both my legs amputated and will be spending a lot of time on my knees before I get my prosthetics, what would you recommend?

  3. Ian says:

    Redbacks, suspension for your knees. Yup, that just about covers it!
    I never got on with strap on ones either and once you’ve tried work trousers with slip in ones which are ‘always on’, you’ll never use anything else.
    Good luck with the T & G project and thanks for taking a break to have a peep in here!

  4. John Cadd says:

    I have been struggling with different patterns of kneepads . Plain solid rubber ones with straps are awkward and fiddly .More modern ones with hard plastic areas and gel are too thick and roll away under the knee.Then the knee gets sore because of the hard edges . Chinese ones seemed good but the velcro straps are a bit too short. My daughter returned some to me that worked best. That was after a mouse had chewed one of them up to use as a bed .
    I need to get some redbacks and proper work trousers. They know about rolling off the edges from their diagrams . Currently renovating split T&G edges on old floorboards . Saving as much old wood as possible .

  5. Billy Parker says:

    I use the Dickies WD884 Cargo with internal knee pad pockets. That way I can keep the knee pads in the trouser instead of trying to remember to strap them on. I usually use uniform depot for these, here is link i have saved as a bookmark.

  6. Ian says:

    Why thankyou Stuart, and thanks for producing a great product that can only help people protect their knees.

    I too see a lot of knee replacements and was astounded at my own recovery from knee pain with just a couple of simple exercises performed each day as I climb the stairs at home. I am now largely free from pain.
    Thanks again Stuart.

  7. Stuart Darby says:

    Hi Ian,

    It’s always good to hear that people are starting to take care of their knees. Over the last 5 years working and developing Redbacks I have studied the statistics and they are quite alarming. Over 90,000 knee operations are performed by the NHS every year and this rate is growing 10% year on year. If I can help answer any questions for your followers/readers I would be happy to do so.
    Many thanks

  8. Ian says:

    Top loading pockets, now why aren’t they all! I give up on how many times I’ve picked mine up once the paltry velcro gets old on my trousers.

    The redbacks are an unusual design, hope they work out for you, we both know how important it is to look after those knees!
    Thanks for stopping by Scott,

  9. Scott Coe says:

    Often kneel on concrete floors where I work. Have tried the strap-on knee pads but didn’t feel comfortable with the strap. The best pads I’ve found so far are Redbacks like these ones… but they are a bit bulky for some trouser knee pad pockets, but they do seem to last unlike a lot of the foam ones standard pockets are designed for. Have now got some Apache trousers which they fit well into, plus pad pockets are top opening. Open to any other suggestions.

  10. Ian says:

    I find exactly the same Rob. Plus its so easy to wear foam inserts in your trousers for ‘always on’ protection. And lets face it, you never know exactly when you’re going to kneel down. Might be never or it might be ten times on any given day.
    Good on you to taking part in a study, manufacturers need all the real world advice they can get!
    Thanks for stopping by Rob!
    Stay well

  11. Rob Elliott says:

    I participated in a study with hard strap type knee pads, among which were the rounded plastic style, and the pocket type foam knee pads. I wasn’t kneeling for a very long time (maybe 10 minutes) but I liked the cheaper foam ones best! The hard round ones seemed to be unstable and the straps hurt the backs of my knees.

  12. Ian says:

    Hi Tony,
    Sorry to hear about the surgery mate, must have been worrying or even frightening.

    Re pads, yup all the time on is what I found worked for me, using the snickers type and get some spare pads so that you can have a fresh set every month or so. The pads do hold up quite well but they are bound to be a little compressed after a lot of use so I replace mine from time to time.

    Regarding ‘doubling up’ with another set on top….not sure if you will be able to do that, it might be a little bulky. But you could always whip out the slip in pads and put a gel type pad on if you know you are going to be down for a while.

    Personally I have always found that the straps dig into the back of my knees with some types of strap ons. But using the theory of getting what you pay for I would definitely get the Knee Pads with Memory Gel.

    One caveat though, I reckon that I kneel down more than I need to because I always have pads on. I have worked in countries where guys never kneel down. They look like blooming contortionists, but they can bend double with ease as they have always done it. They used to laugh at me scrabbling around on the floor! Maybe we need to strengthen some of our other muscles in our back!

    I hope it goes well once you are back on the tools, and stay off those knees!
    Thanks for calling in Tony
    Stay well

  13. Tony says:

    Hi Ian, just found your search via Google, Ive been off work after Knee surgery for 5 weeks so far, 1 more week then back i go, I work for a property maintainace company, do mainly bathroom and kitchen refurbs, but cover everything really, so as you know always on my kness, which cause my inflamation, and infection which needed surgery, very worried about going back as i know what awaits me, I certainally cant knee on my operated knee at the mo, but I have been told by the drs Pads are a must especially now, I will buy trousers with pads i think, but also will wear knee pads too, cant take that risk anymore, and beleive me Id rather be over cautious than suffer the pain i went through, ive looked on ebay and theres so many types, I already have a pair but i dont think they are much cop, and when i have worn them in the past they have hurt, im leaning towards the Gel ones, what would you advise? Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks mate.

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