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  1. Ian says:

    Nice one Ian! We certainly found Kiwis up in Whangarei welcoming and friendly, had a great couple of years and was sad to leave, (I was a househusband) But the kids did what kids do (grow!) and it was time to think of the best place for them to go to school, so we headed back to my wifes home country, Norway, where education is free for as long as you want to stay (unlike the UK these days).

    Re Fein, yes I always assumed that they were expensive. Rumour has it that the blades from the Fein fit the PMF 180??? Also, another tip. Bongo. Yes I know, daft name but Bongo gives you an ‘address’ in the USA so that you can buy from all those places that won’t sell internationally (and there are many because the home market is so big). It even works out reasonable, as many offer ‘free shipping’ within the states.

    So, you order, they deliver free to the Bongo address and then you pay $5 (us) and then they re-address the box and mail it to you. (so you pay the shipping costs plus the $5).

    We couldn’t find cabinet handles the right size here and the average cost was $15 (US) each. Found some cracking handles in the states for $3 each, saved loads and got the exact handle we wanted. Result. Try….

    Got to go , eggs are on!
    Cheers mate

  2. Ian Shand says:


    Friendship was never at risk, so not an issue. I’d like to think we Kiwis have reasonably broad shoulders. Anyway, with the same first name, and good Scottish surnames between us, how could I hold a grudge?

    I’m with you on lending out tools to others, they often come back buggered, although to be fair, I’ve buggered a couple of things that were lent to me… 🙂 No I’m not a numpty, seriously!

    Thanks for your good feedback on the Bosch multi tool. I was introduced to the Fein multi tool about a year ago and was sold on the concept immediately; finally a tool that can handle all those really difficult / fiddly jobs.

    Unfortunately, the Fein multi tool is hellishly expensive here in NZ retailing at around NZ$575 and up for the basic set, whereas the Bosch basic set retails for around NZ$175. Mitre 10 currently have the Bosch on special at NZ$119 (hopefully not a mistake, I’ve never seen it so low!) and with a price match from Bunnings less an additional 15%, we’re talking around NZ$100; seems to be a no-brainer.

    From what I can see, where you get killed on these tools is the accessories you have to keep buying. Over the lifetime of the tool, the price of the accessories looks likely to be many multiples of the tool itself. The nature of the saw blades with such a small number of cutting teeth, and the sanding disks with such a small surface area, means they’re going to wear out quickly even if you are a careful user.

    I think your best bet is to buy quality accessories, if you can get them at a reasonable price. Yep, that means accessories out of the US or Germany. While I haven’t actually used them myself yet, Imperial Blades, out of Madison, Wisconsin look to be a quality blade and they have very good feedback from users here in NZ. For what it’s worth, on NZ’s TradeMe on-line auction site, you can buy a pretty good 13 blade Imperial Blades set for NZ$80, and three heavy duty universal bi-metal saw blades for around NZ$55.

    OK, better be off – my wife’s getting miffy that I’m not spending enough time with her 🙂

    BTW, enjoyed the Rick Astley video, hehe.

    Cheers, Ian.

  3. Ian says:

    Hi Ian,
    I guess that I was just way too North, out in the sticks where we were, if it didn’t eat grass or involve no.8 wire you were screwed 🙂

    The jibe was more about the quality of some USA stuff being very customer led (ergo good), rather than bashing the Kiwis, but re-reading the post, it does look bad, oh well.

    Re: the PMF 180, I have used mine for hours and hours with no motor problems. My only reliability beef is with the life of the backing pads if sanding hard. You will need a spare or two and they are not cheap. Not sure how this compares with a Fein though. Also, the wear rate might be reflected in the material being removed, the sanding is good and aggressive.

    I bought the PMF 180 because I didn’t anticipate using it that much but once you have one you do find lots of things to use it for! I guess with that in mind I might go for a Fein if the Bosch ever packs up.

    I wonder if the reported failures is because of the DIY ‘factor’? Whenever I have lent my (pro) tools to a non pro mate, they come back buggered! Don’t forget that there are lots of erm…….numpties out there who might not be, erm, how can I put it…..mechanically sensitive? My brother in-law ‘burnt out’ my first delta sander (metabo) by loading it up too much because he hates DIY and wants to get it done in half the time.

    Are we friends again now Ian….. 🙂
    Cheers for now

  4. Ian Shand says:


    Oi, as a Kiwi, I thought your comments about being made in New Zealand were a bit harsh. Most things are not actually made here anymore and are imported (as you most surely know), although things that are still made here are pretty good – they have to be to compete with the cheap Chinese imports. Well perhaps not Fisher & Paykel Appliances… unfortunately, they’ve gone from being world beaters in white ware to also-rans in recent times, with poor reliability issues.

    What were you referring to specifically, or are you just slandering our good name? Now, if someone didn’t take you out for a beer while you were down here, or you’re getting tired of our All Blacks walloping your UK rugby teams then I can understand your frustration, hehe.

    The above said, if I can get my hands on a reasonably priced tool out of the US, like my DeWalt 13HP water blaster (more power!), then I most certainly do. Otherwise its cheap imports from China or expensive NZ made. I’ve recently had a custom built 10′ x 5′ trailer made here in NZ; it runs rings around anything I’ve seen in Australia, the US or England (and I’ve lived in all of those countries).

    Anyway, I came to your website by way of your You Tube posting on the Bosch PMF 180E Multi Tool. Have you been using it regularly, given a good thrashing, and how’s it performing? While Amazon’s UK website rates it at around 4.5/5.0 overall, most of those rating it at between 1 and 2 are doing so on reliability issues; it works only a couple of times and then dies needing to be replaced etc.

    Cheers, Ian (yeah I know, go figure…)

  5. Ian says:

    Thanks for that John, I have not purchased many tools since moving to Norway as the prices are ridiculous! Finding other ways around it helps and is still cheaper even after paying the 25% import tax!

    Hope the job goes well,

    P.s we moved here after a couple of years in NZ, being made in the USA instead of NZ is a good thing, trust me on that!

  6. john Dennett says:

    Hi Ian

    SMART tool assessories for the Multi-tool will fit Fein,Bosch and Einhell and other
    makes they claim! They are made in the USA not New Zealand as I thought. The cost is about 2/3rds of Fein and Bosch assessories without a noticable loss of qualty my supplier claims. If you want to surf their site it is
    Hope this will keep your costs down! Good to share Knowledge
    Kind regards

  7. Ian says:

    Ah, nice one! The Fein is definitely the better machine. Haven’t heard of SMART, how did you find them? And yeah, be nice to see it in action.

    Good luck with your windows. I am giving windows a rest for a bit as I just renovated over 30 (from 1860) at the old fire station here in Oslo, Norway. Each window had eight opening panes, four inner and four outer. All been painted in…….. At least no rot over here though, its either so cold it freezes the moisture out of the air or its warm 🙂

    Nice to hear someone else saving some nice old ones and not just ripping them out.
    Stay well John

  8. john Dennett says:

    Hi Ian
    Thanks for such a prompt reply. I have this morning gone for the Fein. As the multi-saw blades are so expensive, I am using a company called SMART which I understand is operated out of New Zealand with an UK and Australian distribution network.
    Another chippy mate of mine uses the glazing package with amazing results. He cuts through the putties and the glazing sprigs like butter in minutes It is rare that he breaks the glass. If my computer skills are up to it I’ll try to show it in action for your perusel! when I start work on renovating these 1830 box sliding windows. Thanks again for your helpful comments.

    Kind regards

  9. Ian says:

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    Good luck with the campaign,

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  11. Rune Flikke says:

    Great webpage Ian. The photos are fantastic. Whale beach both looks and sounds like a place far away from where I grew up! What about meeting up next week with Cia and the kids? Rune

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