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When a boy becomes a ‘man’…

First fishing trip to Hvalstrand It was bound to happen one day, William has beaten me at fishing. Especially well done as it was very windy and we only stayed a short time. Double well done as William spent most … Continue reading

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New place to play in the woods “Lille Gupu”

Found a little hideaway today in the woods close to home. We drive a short way and then hike (well, saunter really) up the ski trail for 10 or 15 minutes to find a little semicircle of low, open fronted huts catching the sun. The huts … Continue reading

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Hemsedal in the wintertime

We normally visit Hemsedal (about 3 and  half hours North of Oslo in Norway)  in the summertime, where we walk the peaks followed by cozy evenings in the cabin. But this week we got the opportunity to visit during the skiing season and … Continue reading

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On the beach in the winter….

After walking the kids to school, the sun peeped above the ridge and made a visit to the beach irresistible. OK, so it was -18 at one point, but that is no excuse not to go right? Stay well Ian

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Take one 15 year old Saab (Swedish), add one Bosch (German) alternator and you would think that you have a solid bit of engineering. Or rather you would have if Bosch had not outsourced the bearings (the round and roundy … Continue reading

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