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FisherMan 12 from SeaBird Kayaks of Norway

We added a second SeaBird Kayak to the household yesterday and ‘field’ tested it this afternoon in the spring sunshine. The FisherMan 12 looks pretty similar in shape and size to the Ranchero 12 we have but that’s where the … Continue reading

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Seasons of Norway

Brilliant work from Morten Rustad again! This country never ceases to amaze me with it’s annual metamorphosis from winter wonderland to the exciting fury of spring, relaxing into the long lazy summer days before falling into autumn as everything readies … Continue reading

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Lille Gupu ‘camping’ trip

Well, it’s almost the end of the summer and a full moon. What better time to make that long promised camping trip to Lille Gupu in the woods above Billingstad. And what a delight it was too. Fantastic, really. We set … Continue reading

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Norways finest…

Every country has it’s areas of outstanding beauty. Thanks to Morten Rustad here are some of Norways… Wait until you have 5 minutes to spare, go and grab a cup of coffee and a piece or two of chocolate and … Continue reading

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The ever lovely Semsvannet in Asker.

There is a 200 acre lake about 20 minutes drive West of Oslo in Norway that is a favorite place with the locals for walking, sauntering, jogging, running and generally pottering about in the outdoors and yet apart from the … Continue reading

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