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Clear and sunny here in Norway…

But, just a *tiny* bit cold maybe…….

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Couple of incredible photos

Unfortunately I couldn’t find out who to credit them to, as they came as part of a ’round robin’ email. These two are just too good not to share. The swan makes me think of purity and the butterflies are just … Continue reading

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Wandering mzungus in Africa

I was aimlessly browsing a few African Travel Blogs as I am wont to do when I am feeling a little down (I am feeling terrible/ill at the moment!) and I came across Will Boase who cheered me up no … Continue reading

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The Norwegian Government………

Pays for your holidays! Well, it’s closer to lending you your own money out of your tax contributions, but still! What I learned today gives a whole new slant on the term “tax holiday”! Loosely speaking the government adds up your … Continue reading

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Hvalstrand or Whale Beach in Asker

Just wanted to post this photo from Morten of the restaurant and surrounding beach at Hvalstrand. He used the nearby high diving board to get the shot. The building in the photo is now open again as a restaurant and … Continue reading

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