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Norways finest…

Every country has it’s areas of outstanding beauty. Thanks to Morten Rustad here are some of Norways… Wait until you have 5 minutes to spare, go and grab a cup of coffee and a piece or two of chocolate and … Continue reading

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Wordle wizard for tag or word clouds

Oh I love this! I wanted to make one of those ‘tag clouds’ as an image for a chapter in my book and wondered how to do it. But not for long, as I soon found and was in heaven! First let me briefly explain … Continue reading

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Extreme ‘parking’ in Uganda……

“Quick quick, Sir, he went down there” pointed the policeman in the back. “But it’s all overgrown, are you sure the track goes down there?” I asked. “Yes, it is the way” he said. Dropping down into low gear, I headed across the … Continue reading

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The Gorillas in Rwanda….

…Seem to be as curious about us, as we are about them! Kris, a Swedish guy I met while working in Rwanda, is currently doing the rounds in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda scoping out places for his safari business (lucky … Continue reading

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Northern Lights put on a show for the BBC….

Short and sweet video of the Northern Lights phenomenon, the action is all in the last 10 seconds! Fantastic aren’t they? I hope that we get to see them in person one day… Stay well

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