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Adventures are not quite so, well, adventurous.

Huw Cordey from the BBC, wrote the above comment today in his article Adventure travel in the age of the online connection and I do agree with him, because travel with a (working) mobile phone isn’t exactly ‘off the beaten track’ … Continue reading

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Extreme ‘parking’ in Uganda……

“Quick quick, Sir, he went down there” pointed the policeman in the back. “But it’s all overgrown, are you sure the track goes down there?” I asked. “Yes, it is the way” he said. Dropping down into low gear, I headed across the … Continue reading

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Experiences from Uganda…..

Sorting out unearthed old photos from Uganda this week…. I know that you shouldn’t look back too much, but the time we spent in Uganda was such an interesting time for us. We also had an incredible amount of fun … Continue reading

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