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What on earth is polishing peanuts?

ian anderson of polishing peanuts

Never touched a pixel....

I thought you might ask that! Polishing peanuts is a saying which means ‘to work very hard at something for little or no reward’. Perfect for this blog!

Seriously, I used this domain as a practice site when I first started messing about online, because it described exactly how I felt learning code! Later, when I looked around for a more ‘suitable’ domain, ‘polishing peanuts’ had grown on me, so here we are.

But what’s it for?

Fun! Polishing peanuts is a blog, a plaything, a site to experiment with, a place to screw up funky code and use as a starting point for various projects or random stray thoughts. Mostly related to life, practical stuff, reviews and travel/humanitarian issues, but with the odd bit of emergency planning thrown in too.

If you want to check out if I am ‘qualified’ to comment on some of this stuff, you can check out my [intlink id=”778″ type=”page”]bio here[/intlink], for more info about what I have been up to.

Feel free to send me an email about this site, or anything else for that matter. If you are a spammer though, or overly rude, I’ll have my men track you down…………..

Stay well,

2 Responses to About Pp

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    Yes, shame that I fell in ‘love’ with a theme, did a bunch of tweeking and got it just how I wanted it. Then came a bit of expansion and WTF! no menu that works!

    I guess that there are plugins that will put pages into a widget or a re-write of the code to make it work as you so rightly say.

    For the moment though I am using links on the parent page but thinking long term it would be nice to use wordpress as a ‘website’/CMS and have a proper menu at the top ‘a la’ most regular websites.

    In the future I’ll look at it again (when my patience with it returns!) and I’ll probably look you up again Scott and hit the wallet and sort it out. I used to do simple css menus before I ‘discovered’ wordpress but would be unsure how to ‘fit’ it all into the theme to work properly.

    Coo, going on a bit! So Scott, thanks again for getting back to me and for helping out, appreciate it.

  2. Scott Ellis says:

    Ian, Got your question on VSEllis.com but you left no email address for me to reach you! I assume by “child pages” you are wanting drop-downs from your navigation. If your theme doesn’t natively support it it will require a fair amount of code to make work. Many, if not most themes have it built in but it’s a bit beyond the scope of a smiple question to implement, particularly without knowing the in’s and out’s of your theme. Sorry that isn’t more help. You’ll need a bunch of CSS and someone that knows how to manipulate that css to suit your theme to get it to work so it’s not quite as simple as just “drop in this code.”

    There are many WP Pro’s for hire (including me) to do things like that if you need. Sorry that isn’t a better answer, if it was simple as “plug this in and it’ll work” I’d throw it right to you!

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