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Experiences from Uganda…..

Sorting out unearthed old photos from Uganda this week…. I know that you shouldn’t look back too much, but the time we spent in Uganda was such an interesting time for us. We also had an incredible amount of fun … Continue reading

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How a small shift in perspective….

….Can have a big impact on your life Surrounded by suffering and tragedy as an aid worker in the late 1990’s, I would often get overwhelmed with the apparent futility and desperation of it all. But during one late night, … Continue reading

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Karma is alive and kickin in Asker this week!

In case anyone doubts that karma is real, take a look at this weeks weather forecast for Asker region over there…….looks pretty grim doesn’t it? And why does it look so grim? Because we just had a weekender that sucked every bit … Continue reading

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The Gorillas in Rwanda….

…Seem to be as curious about us, as we are about them! Kris, a Swedish guy I met while working in Rwanda, is currently doing the rounds in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda scoping out places for his safari business (lucky … Continue reading

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Northern Lights put on a show for the BBC….

Short and sweet video of the Northern Lights phenomenon, the action is all in the last 10 seconds! Fantastic aren’t they? I hope that we get to see them in person one day… Stay well

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