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Oldies are sometimes the best…….

…….this one certainly scared me! I know, I know, it’s a chair strapped to a pair of metal skis………….. But, boy does she fly! Problem is, I haven’t quite mastered how to steer the bloomin thing! Hence the ‘near death’ experience … Continue reading

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Recycling timber…..

….using the rip mode of a flip over saw Moving into a train wreck of a house with only a stack of tools, a heap of old timber lying here and there and an eye watering mortgage, has meant that … Continue reading

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Common bullfinch….

Pyrrhula pyrrhula Wow, just seen some of these guys in the garden. Two females and a brightly coloured male. Unfortunately I didn’t get the camera as I didn’t want to miss actually watching them! William seems to have inherited my … Continue reading

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Focking this and focking that….

…….and why you should only swear in your mother tongue! (Of course you shouldn’t swear at all, but then your not supposed to do lots of things……..) I am working with a Danish carpenter at the moment who’s English is………well, lets say that it’s better than … Continue reading

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Check Engine light….

For what….exactly? Don’t you just hate it when the “check engine” light comes on your cars dashboard. Filling you with dread of expensive bills and a vehicle out of action. Lots of Hassle, with a capital H. I mean, couldn’t they be … Continue reading

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