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What’s a Flip Over Saw and Who Makes Them?

Basic description of a Flip Over Saw I was asked the other day what the heck is a flip saw? So, for all those new to the business of buying tools I will just basically describe what a flip over … Continue reading

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South Sea Vagabonds by John Wray

I am reading a great book called South Sea Vagabonds by a Kiwi called John Wray. It’s a simple tale full of ingenuity, common sense and daring do, as it tells the story of a young man who decides, (after … Continue reading

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OK, now I feel like a dinosaur…..

In my ongoing attempt to learn how the Internet is screwed together I thought that I would have a look at what people are ‘searching for’ . Oh. Well……. I kind of expected that. So with the ‘remove adult content’ filter … Continue reading

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Flip saw awesomeness…….

What’s the best thing you’ve made with your flip over saw ? This one made me think a little. When you use a tool everyday it becomes a part of you in a way and you take it for granted. … Continue reading

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Free yourself from ‘stuff’……

I’m fairly sure I have got too much stuff in my life…. Stuff  I bought that seemed a great idea at the time, stuff I imagined that I really needed and couldn’t manage without. I have even bought stuff because its ‘pretty’ … Continue reading

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