What is happening to the weather?

image of Asker in Norway in the winter time

Asker, coldest November for decades

Israel has the driest November in 60 years and terrible forest fires to fight, the UK has more snow than Norway who in turn has just had the coldest November in nearly a century.

People are dying on the streets in Europe, Poland recorded minus 33, freezing to death 12 people on Thursday. 2 more people died in Germany and 5 more in Lithuania to name a few.

And yet…….

2010 apparently breaks records, reaching record temperature levels in several regions according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) who confirmed that 2010 is among the warmest three on record.

Is there any wonder that there is confusion about ‘global warming’, maybe we should stick to calling it climate change instead? Although in my extremely inexpert opinion, the weather has been changing one way or another for as long as there has been creatures crawling the earth.

And they wonder why the English talk about the weather so much………..it’s because there is a lot to talk about!

Stay well

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