The Norwegian Government………

Pays for your holidays!

Give me MY money!

Well, it’s closer to lending you your own money out of your tax contributions, but still!

What I learned today gives a whole new slant on the term “tax holiday”! Loosely speaking the government adds up your tax bill for the year and then divides it up into 10 and a half payments.

This enables you to pay no tax in July (the holiday month) and half tax in December (to pay for Christmas).

How brilliantly simple is that? OK, the cynical might say that it is manipulative and the government are interfering unnecessarily. But lets face it, lots of people are rubbish with money and this arrangement at least allows a little extra cash in your pocket at those times of the year that you most need it.

Merry Christmas! (from me and the Norwegian Gov!)

Stay well

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4 Responses to The Norwegian Government………

  1. Ian says:

    Yes, I am sure that you are right and whats more, it’s not that long ago either, a few decades at most!

    Amazing what a drop or two of the black gold can do for a countries fortunes!!

    Thanks for stopping by Gram.
    Stay well

  2. Gram says:

    I think the practice dates back to when Norway was a dirt-poor country. No taxes in june meant people could afford a holliday, and half taxes in december meant they could afford presents.

  3. Ian says:

    Do they? So there is two months with nothing to pay? It’s a great idea I think. Actually, I seem to remember the TV licence being over 10 months as well, I just never twigged as to why it was not 12 payments.

  4. veronica Anderson says:

    our council lets us pay our council tax in 10 months instead of 12, same thing.

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