Spares for the DW743, D27105 and LF1000 flip over saws


Exploded drawing of a DW743 flip over saw or flip saw, similar to the DW742


More than a sum of parts!

I wondered whether to include a post on spares since I have never needed them…ever!

But then I guess that some of these saws must break at some point!

As you might imagine there does not seem to be very many people out there selling spares for these machines but here is a couple I know about.

Miles Tool & Machinery Centre

Miles Tool & Machinery Centre is a great source of  advice, info and spares for your flip over saws, should you be the unlucky one.

To save you valuable time I have sorted out all the pages below, just click on the link related to your saw and be taken straight to the right page…….no,  its OK, it was no trouble!

DeWALT DW742 spares

DeWALT DW743 spares

Makita LF1000 spares

J Carr & Sons

J Carr & Sons trade through Power Tool Spares and also stock parts for our flip saws, this is their Makita LF1000 page, and their DW743 pages and lastly their D27105 pages.

I hope this is useful and as always please feel free to comment and add any of your favorite suppliers of spares.

Stay well

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