Saw blades

General purpose blade for flip saws or flip over saws like the DW743 or LF1000

General purpose blade

I have found that the blades on flip over saws last incredibly well but inevitably there will come a day when you need to resharpen or better still buy a second blade, if only to save your poor struggling motor!

Buying a second blade enables you to have your original blade sharpened at your local tool shop/merchant. This can take up to a week for most places, hence the need to wait for that second blade unless you can manage without your saw for a week (no way!)

Having a sharp back up blade in stock means that you need never struggle with a blunt/dangerous blade ever again.

These Tooled Up and Screwfix Direct links take you directly to their complete range of 250mm blades for your convenience (as used on the DW742 and DW743 DeWALT flip saws)

I find that having a blade re-sharpened costs less than a quarter of a new cheapish blade, making it economically viable to sharpen a few times as well as being kinder to the environment!

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