Much 'loved' DW742, the flip over classic from DeWALT

Much used DW742 flip saw from DeWALT, similar to the DW743

Much used DW742

Reading through some posts on today and found this guy, talking about his flip over saw. Read what he had to say and I quote:-

“That saw is the best bit of kit I ever bought, it cost me £600 in 1994 – but it has paid for itself several hundred times by now.

The best thing is, that it just keeps on going – I even left it in a leaky shed for a winter, Its rusty now but still purrs as good as it did when i first bought it.

You can still buy all the parts for it – even the brushes and bearings for the motor. It can sit on a table, or has its own sturdy legs. You can get a fence extension attachment that will handle 8′ x 4′ boards (although once you are familiar with it sawing a full board isn’t too tricky, especially if youv’e a helper).

This saw is a classic – how many other powertools are still being produced 25 years after they were introduced? They got the design absolutely right first time with this one.”

Now that is a great testimony and check out the price!!! Fifteen years on and no price increases, awesome.

Nuff said.

Stay well

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