DropBox secure online storage in the ‘cloud’

A server like dropbox use to safely store data in the cloud Dropbox is such an awesome utility that I wanted to share it here.

Hit DropBox here to shoot into a new window and grab your FREE 2GB of storage in the ‘cloud’.

The service is free if you stick to the 2GB limit but of course there are options to ‘upgrade’ if you need more.

I just love the simplicity of this utility, it is completely automatic and virtually instant. Working on a document? Every time you click ‘save’, your computer stores the file on your hard drive and DropBox automatically sends it up to your storage in the sky.

So, even if your laptop gets stolen, you know that your files are stored safely somewhere else.

Now, how amazingly convenient is that.

Stay well

This has been a public service anouncement from polishing peanuts…….not really! just me trying to be helpful 🙂

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