It’s a miracle!

I just had a pretty life changing experience……

Review of the Oticon Agil Pro Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have come a long way.....

After many years of wishing I could afford the latest generation of digital hearing aids, at last I have a pair of Oticon Agil Pros. With only a small deposit and the Norwegian Health Service picking up the rest of the tab. High taxes have their benefit after all!

After being fiddled about with for an hour or so with all manner of hi tech wireless transmitting devices, I was finally fitted and declared good to go.

I cried. Couldn’t help it, I was overwhelmed. The new generation of aids reach a far higher frequency than before, exposing me to sounds that I had never heard in 43 years. I felt like the man in the movies who leaps out of his wheelchair yelling, “it’s a miracle, I can walk!”.

They are so good, I feel like I’ve had “the operation”, because they are so much smaller, lighter and clearer, I can hardly feel that I am wearing them. Cia still hears things that I don’t, so I am not pretending that I am totally ‘cured’ hearing wise, and I may never experience what the majority of you take for granted, but for now I am thrilled and impressed with how much more I am hearing. Bravo Oticon!

review of the oticon agil pro hearing aid

The miniaturized version

The digital technology focuses on speech and suppresses unnecessary noise, like vacuum cleaners, fans, and rather coolly, things like saw noise. Brilliant for me at work. They also ‘talk’ to each other wirelessly, great for identifying sound direction and not getting run over!

Being deaf is unique amongst disabilities you see. Because you are ignorant when you don’t hear something. Bird tweeting in a tree. Didn’t hear it, didn’t know that I hadn’t heard it. No problem. Whereas, you know if you can’t see properly etc!

The only problem is (and I am definitely not complaining!) is that my new world is rather noisy! Jeeze do kids make a lot of noise and whats with all the SHOUTING! I now hear many things that I never used to hear, good and bad! Oh, and the car that I thought was running quite OK for a 15 year old, turns out to be a creaking old rattle box 🙁

Stay well and like me, listen to the birds!

P.s. They also have a volume control…….ah, that’s better….pesky noisy kids, maybe being deaf is not so bad after all 🙂


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