Recycling timber…..

….using the rip mode of a flip over saw

recycling old timber

Turning old timber into 'new' timber...

Moving into a train wreck of a house with only a stack of tools, a heap of old timber lying here and there and an eye watering mortgage, has meant that I have had to be creative with the raw materials to hand.

Some of the timber odds and ends have been lying around in the shed and garage gathering dust for decades. AND, new timber here in Norway is exorbitant making just buying in new stuff painful.

So, it is the trusty flip over saw that saves the day again, in rip saw mode this time. I have been ripping hundreds of metres of old timber into various sizes as jobs demand. Shelves out of old wardrobes, shelf rails out of old skirting boards, trims out of old rough sawn etc, etc.

The beauty is that the flip saw leaves a really good finish straight from the cut. For most things, a quick blast over with a rough sandpaper followed with a 120 grit finish leaves the freshly cut piece ready for fitting.

I have been getting a kick out of that. Especially here, as people throw away the most amazing stuff. Knowing that those practical floor to ceiling shelves in the cold storage room used to be some old 4 by 2 plus a pile of old cladding and cost bugger all is cool.

Oh and not to mention good for the environment, no waste, no travelling to the merchants, no consuming new raw materials and best of all, no trip to IKEA! All in exchange for a little electricity, hydro of course!
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