Oldies are sometimes the best…….

…….this one certainly scared me!

Norwegian "Spark"

Crazy Norwegians.......

I know, I know, it’s a chair strapped to a pair of metal skis………….. But, boy does she fly! Problem is, I haven’t quite mastered how to steer the bloomin thing! Hence the ‘near death’ experience earlier.

I found it tucked away in the rafters of the garage in our ‘new’ house, it needed a new bolt on the front and a general tighten up here and there but then I pronounced it fit for the road. It is called a “spark” which is Norwegian for “kick”, presumably because you stand on one runner and kick off with the other foot to get started. I am not sure about the seat on the front, whether its for shopping, a small child (stupid volunteer!) or whether you are supposed to get onto it yourself once you are hurtling down the road at a dangerous rate of knots!

Either way, the kids thought that it was a hoot and after some instruction from Cia tomorrow, maybe I will attempt another “run” down the hill that is our road.

Strapping a chair to a pair of skis……Norwegians eh?

Stay well

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