Focking this and focking that….

…….and why you should only swear in your mother tongue! (Of course you shouldn’t swear at all, but then your not supposed to do lots of things……..)

rwandan builders

Working with foreigners is interesting.......

I am working with a Danish carpenter at the moment who’s English is………well, lets say that it’s better than my Norwegian and leave it at that. However, courtesy of Gordon Ramsey et al, my new Danish friend does think that it is acceptable to swear all the time.

The problem is that it doesn’t quite come off, if you follow me.

Of course being a ‘hairy arsed’ builder, he is unlikely to offend me, in fact there is something rather hilarious about hearing a ‘foreigner’ swear in your own language.

I have tried to find out all the naughty Norwegian words from Cia but she is feigning ignorance…………yeah, right!

Stay well

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