Check Engine light….

For what….exactly?

No kitten.......

Don’t you just hate it when the “check engine” light comes on your cars dashboard. Filling you with dread of expensive bills and a vehicle out of action. Lots of Hassle, with a capital H.

I mean, couldn’t they be more specific?

“Check engine”

For what exactly………trapped kittens? How can something be sophisticated enough to know that there is a problem but not be able to say what it is?

I suppose that conspiracy theorists would say that ‘they’ don’t want you to know so that you can take the car to your main dealer and pay squillions for some spotty herbert to press a secret ‘reset’ button!

(in case you were wondering, I checked, no kittens!)

So, I guess by process of elimination (I tried scratching my head and kicking the tyre too) that it means that something probably expensive is about to throw a wobbly.


Stay well

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