Taking stuff for granted.

old-hospitalBeen having problems with our electricity today, (dozy neighbour + chainsaw + tree + overhead power lines = problem)

And because we live out in the sticks and catch water off the roof, no electricity means no water in the house as the pump won’t work!

After a while with no power and no water, I got to thinking about how much we rely on ‘unseen’ things and how we just assume that they will be ‘there’ for us. Know how many there are? Loads, here are a few that I came up with off the top of my head, feel free to add some that I have missed.

I have of course not included the more spiritual must haves and am just really thinking of the physical gubbins that make life in more ‘developed’ countries so comfortable, privileged even.

  1. Electricity (!)
  2. Access to clean water
  3. Access to lots of stored food
  4. Hot water (was enjoying a hot shower when I thought about all this!)
  5. Access to primary health care (regardless of your opinion of the NHS, the alternative is much, much worse!)
  6. Emergency services, knowing that whatever happens, someone really skilled is coming to help.
  7. Lifespan; rather naive maybe, but don’t we all assume that we will have our 3 score years and ten?
  8. Personal security, living in a stable and secure place with skilled help (hopefully!) just a phone call away.
  9. Transportation, most of us have access to Planes, Trains and Automobiles these days.
  10. Freedom to speak, travel, be who we want to be and see whoever we want to see.

Well, that should get us started!

I didn’t aim for ten, it just ended up that way. After all, who can top freedom, as Mel Gibson might say!

Part of my thinking behind this stuff, was hearing about a dear friends son who had hours of brain surgery this week. OK one minute; in hospital the next and all for a fit guy in his twenties.

Lets thank our lucky stars that we are fortunate enough to be living somewhere like the UK eh.

Stay well

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