Oh man! I am so late to the party…..

Way of the Peaceful Warrior book cover

Way of the Peaceful Warrior book cover

Just finished reading Dan Millmans “Way of the Peacefull Warrior”.

The story centers around a young mans spiritual growth and his strange meeting and ensuing relationship with a wise old man who becomes first his mentor and finally his friend and ally in spiritual freedom.

I had to read it while juggling other stuff, but if you can take a day off, pack something simple to eat and drink then head for a favorite quiet spot and read it from cover to cover. Spend the rest of the day in joyous contemplation of what you have just experienced!

This has to be one of the best books I have ever read. It mirrors so many of my often confused inner thoughts and feelings. It truly is a journey and although it is part true story and part fiction you cannot see the joints. It excites with its concepts and your mind races with anticipation page after page.

I can easily understand the books byline that it is a “book that changes lives”, it has certainly been a big help to me in my quest to live in the moment and enjoy everything that I am lucky to have.

Why late to the party? Well, even though I try to read over 100 books every year I missed this guy. The “way of the peaceful warrior” was first published in 1980. To think that I read “Adrian Mole aged 13 and 3/4”, for my English Lit in school, when all the time this fantastic book was just sitting on the shelf.

I can’t imagine the effect that this book would have had on me 20 years ago, but then again maybe I wouldn’t have ‘got’ it. I was pretty dumb until I went to live in Africa aged 29!

Dan has since gone on to write many more books which I shall eagerly be seeking out. You can find all of Dan Millman’s books here at Amazon. It is worth the effort to grab a copy and you never know, just maybe he will change your life too.

Stay well

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