Is a flip over saw the right choice?

DW743 flip over saw in table saw mode with fence and riving knife fitted. blade guard.

DW743 in table saw mode

Flip over saws are a combination of a compound mitre saw and a table saw. Good capabilities, versatility and reliability make them popular with tradesmen, craftsmen and DIY types alike.

Professional flip saws like the DW743 from DeWALT or the FL1000 from Makita are well proven and well designed combination saws. Arguably, their capabilities exceed what many people would ever need.

But do your research first, check the specs and read the articles on here. Because if you do mostly sheet panel work for example, you might want to think about a dedicated table saw with a larger bed or if you regularly cut unusually large, complicated cornices then maybe a dedicated larger blade, sliding chop saw might be a better proposition.

Think about the type of work that you normally carry out and the timber sizes that you normally use.

Then take another look at the specification sheet for the flip saw that you are considering (click on the ‘info’ category above). Check that the cutting capacity is enough to cope with the timber sizes that you use.

Think that they are expensive?

Don’t worry, we have all been lured by cheap tools (and know how it feels when they screw up!)

Think of these saws as being “refreshingly expensive” in the same way as a great beer. You know it costs more but, oh boy, is it worth it! Look at it another way, the price per year is negligible. However, if you need to buy two lesser flip saws you are heading to spend more in the long run.

I even think that the DW743n from DeWALT is cheap for the performance, especially since the later and more expensive D27105 came out. They are cheaper now than they were 10 years ago for goodness sake!

To flip or not to flip……

Pro flip over saws like the DW743 or FL1000 are icons. Their design incorporates great capabilities and versatility as well as being tough, for either the workshop, hobbyist or site work.

It could also be the last saw you ever buy, so chose wisely as they say!

They are the ultimate saw bling!     Start saving those pennies today…….

Stay safe

You can find a longer version of this article of mine on wikiHow

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