BREAKING NEWS: Flip over saw turns brickie into chippie!

DW743 flip saw from dewalt or flip over saw

DW743 flip saw from DeWALT

‘Today a builder bought a flip over saw and suddenly found that he had become a competent carpenter. “I don’t know what happened; one minute I was cutting some joists and the next minute I felt an urge to do some compound mitres” said the bewildered builder from Balderton……..’

Sorry, couldn’t help it! Seriously though, you might wonder why build a website just for flip over saws……

It’s amazingly simple, I love em! I might have exagerated a tad above, but not much!

I have an old DeWALT DW742 (with the lighter saw bed) and a new(ish) DW743 and I couldn’t manage without them now.

I just get blown away so often, with the stuff that I can make with my saws. From a rebate to a roof, these saws will not let you down!

I was a bricklayer originally and my flip saws allow me to do nearly anything, its like having a workshop on site. I just think that they are one of the best tools on the market and that people waste heaps of money buying saws that are nowhere near as good.

Their performance, reliability and flexibility have enabled me to complete countless tricky jobs that would have had lesser mitre saws quaking on their stands!

If a flip over saw can make a chippie out of a brickie, then I can’t think of a better endorsement than that!

So, please, take a look around, I have posted a few articles on the what, where and  how to’s for newbies and pro’s alike. Feel free to comment, add your experiences or ping me an email and you can even subscribe if you want to keep up with flip over saw news/developments or upcoming deals.

Work well and work safe

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