The Terrorists have won………..

Marmite jar tries to make a run for it, but didn’t get very far!

image of a jar of marmite


Stansted Airport Security Staff stopped me yesterday for the henious crime of trying to smuggle out of Britain……………… a jar of Marmite!

Could there be anything more terribly British than wanting a little slice or should I say spread of England on ones toast in the morning? Damn the terrorists for causing the current rules that denied me my basic rights to Marmite.

And Marmite, how about a 100ml jar for the Englishman abroad?

Congratulations to the Security Staff though, to spot a small jar amongst the fully packed case and of course the whole thing was treated with amusement by all concerned. Nice to know that the only horrors on board are the Ryanair non reclining seats and the price of drinks!

I guess it means I still qualify to be an English man then, even after living abroad for a while 🙂

Stay well

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6 Responses to The Terrorists have won………..

  1. Ian says:

    I know, I even offered to eat the offending extra 25g but no dice. Rules for the sake of rules, even when it’s blatantly clear that they achieve nothing. All because no one has the guts to stand up and take the responsibility of judging a persons character by their behaviour and actions rather than blanket rules that inconvenience everyone whilst giving real terrorists easy to learn parameters of acceptable behaviours.

  2. dasha says:

    Same thing happened to me this week. It was 125 ml Marmite as a gift. Hope it ends up in a food bank at least. It would be funny if it was not so sad.

  3. Ian says:

    Ha Ha, you are lucky then!

    The contents of my suitcases are always a bit embarrassing when I go ‘home’ to visit, spices, new socks, and various other bits and bobs that are expensive here in Norway. Oh and usually packed to within a gram of the weight limit too! I dread being stopped as I worry that I’ll never get it all back into the case!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Chrissy Anne says:


    I had to admit I’m always smuggling marmite back – I’m what they would call a repeat offender…

  5. Ian says:

    No way Bruce! It was a 125ml jar and the limit is 100ml. I wouldn’t mind but it was a new, unopened and thus still sealed jar, I mean, where is the risk?
    Fast forward to the proposed relaxation on this sort of stuff, supposedly coming soon.

  6. Did they let you take it through at least?

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