Why don’t we have winter tyres in the UK?

And how many lives would they have saved?

car crash on an icy road

Not me, I have got winter tyres!

I finally got our ‘winter wheels’ fitted, after having to hammer the rust off them and give them a quick coat of paint! Old cars eh?

I have been driving on frosty (down to minus 6) un-gritted roads for a week now and these winter tyres are fantastic!

I am left wondering why they have not caught on in the UK? Thinking of all those slippery mornings whern driving was positively dangerous. A hairs breadth away from an accident the whole journey. Frost, black ice, snow, un-gritted side roads…need I go on?

I am fascinated as to how they work too. They look pretty similar to regular tyres and we don’t have the ones with metal studs that are also popular here, but just regular winter tyres on a second set of steel wheels.

The driving experience is pretty much the same as normal; obviously I have been a bit wary approaching junctions, but I have to say that the tyres seem to be as grippy as when it’s not frosty! It takes a bit of getting used to, as I am still equating ice and snow with sliding all over the place!

So, fingers crossed for the rest of the winter and of course you still need to pray that some other eejit doesn’t run into you!

Stay well

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2 Responses to Why don’t we have winter tyres in the UK?

  1. Ian says:

    Thanks Caroline!

    We certainly need them now it is freezing just about every night and I guess that it is likely to do so till about next March 🙁
    Still, I love the clear blue skies that go with the territory 🙂

    Nice to know that one is not shouting into an empty room!!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment,

  2. We lived in Ringwood, Hampshire for 3 years and I asked the very same question many times! Love your blog – wonderful sense of humour!

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