I have always been an avid reader of quotes from insightful people and lately I have been reading Henry David Thoreau who was an amazing man. Quite how he found the time to say so many smart things is beyond me!

He commented that:-
‘To have done anything just for the money, is to have been truly idle’

What a great quote.  Life really is too short to waste it working just for the cash, you got to love it too.

Take a few minutes and Google him, you won’t be disappointed with his wisdom.

Another favourite today is from good old Abe Lincoln who said that “the nice thing about the future, is that it only comes at you one day at a time”

I think this is particularly relevant today as we are all so busy and have ‘big’ plans, but regardless, it will all come together just one day at a time. Kind of makes it all a bit more manageable doesn’t it?

Stay well.

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