kids having it all and believing they have nothing

Not fair!

Not fair!

Following on from the last post about having it all, it seems that our children are not immune to the want everything feeling either.

It reminds me of the difference at a community meeting that I attended in a rural village in Uganda. Dozens of local kids and two western kids also attended. The local kids stood quietly at the back of the proceedings, whereas the two western kids wanted to run about and generally have a good time, even if we probably wanted them to be still and quiet.

Yet, you would not hear any complaints from the local kids, even though they truly had nothing.

It seems that our children have so very much and yet they still complain about being restricted in many ways. Again it could be about perspective. When you are uncertain about your next meal, maybe you take a different view of the world and your place in it.

You often hear that ‘we want more for our children than we had ourselves’. Why, were our childhoods so very deprived? hardly, well not since the 1940’s.

Lets hope that we never get to find out how bad life can really get.

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