Cabin Max: Making use of the Ryanair hand baggage allowance

Cabin Max lightweight hand luggage selling like mad!

cabin max, making use of the ryanair hand baggage allowance

Cabin Max: Ryanair friendly!

Wow! The response to my Cabin Max Review has been amazing.

It seems that many people were also looking for the biggest hand luggage that makes the maximum use of the Ryanair cabin baggage allowance (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and managing to get the full 10kgs in as well.

Unlike many other cabin bags the ‘max’ only gobbles up 850grams of your precious 10kgs allowance.

I even had an email this week from the guys who came up with the idea of making a bag to fit Ryanairs baggage allowance! He liked the article and told me about the new designs coming up. Please ping me an email or leave a comment if you want to go on my list of people to notify when new Cabin Max stuff comes out.

I will be waiting to see what they come up with next for sure.

Stay well

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Go to Ryanair to make sure the bloomin rules have not changed!

Nope, thats it!

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2 Responses to Cabin Max: Making use of the Ryanair hand baggage allowance

  1. Ian says:

    The Cabin Max just has the external ones, which do the same job; actually I think that they might even be better as it puts a more even pressure over the whole bag. And lets face it, if it going to be your only bag, it could be pretty full!

    Thanks for the kind comment about the review, I tried my best!
    Thanks for stopping by and making the effort to leave a comment, it’s nice to get feedback, especially as it’s difficult to help sometimes as I never really know what people need!

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Ian

    Great review! I loathe the way the budget airlines charge such extortionate fees for EVERYTHING, not least hold baggage, so it’s great to get one over on them (until they start charging for hand luggage too!).

    Could you tell me if the cabin max has straps in the internal compartment to stop your clothes from moving around (as most suitcases do), or does it only have the external ones? I’ve seen a couple of bags similar to this, but they lacked the internal straps so I was a bit worried the clothes inside would be all over the place at the end of the trip!

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