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Just finished ‘The Power of Personal Branding’ by Tim O’Brien, a book that I picked up from the library on a whim and it turned out to be quite good. Many useful techniques to employ to expand your network horizons and quite a few home truths about my own personality and ‘personal brand’, or lack thereof!

The guy looks exactly how you would expect a man to look that has made working on his own image his daily bread! However, I must recommend it as he speaks a lot of sense and if you are prepared to do the work (and it is quite a task) I am sure that you would be climbing up that ladder with gusto.

But do you really want people to actually seek you out to ‘befriend’ you just because of the people that you know or have conections with, strikes me as rather shallow; especially to read certain publications in the aim of being a ’rounded individual’ or to become  ‘interesting’.  Shouldn’t we be reading stuff that fires us up with no agenda other than pure interest and seeking knowledge?

I get through several books a week courtesy of the local library and I must admit that there are a lot of very clever guys out there writing very relevant stuff for today’s world, I only wish that the readership of these books was a little wider.

Tim O’Brien makes a very valid contribution to his community and he exhorts us all to do the same, but as to his true motives………

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