Overcoming fear…

learning to paddle a plywood boat called mouse

Mastering fear to learn something new is fun!

It’s not easy to admit that you’re frightened or to keep going when you are. But once you do manage to let it go and overcome it, boy can you have some fun.

The fear that my kids had of being on the water rather than in it, was blown away this week after hitting local beaches and lakes with Mouse, our little home made boat.

That extra bit of practice has dispelled the fear of ‘falling in’ to the point where the kids can stand up in the the little boat, wobbles and all!

It took a while though, and I’ll admit that I was disappointed the first few times we took out Mouse. The kids said that they liked it, but they never raved about it like I imagined I would have done given the opportunity at that age. I had to work at it to get them to ‘enjoy’ it!

But I persevered and found the right conditions to enable them to explore how the little boat performed on calm water with no one around to see any mistakes or wobbles. I think that I forgot that kids feel exposed and vulnerable learning new things in front of others just as I would. Especially when that new thing could potentially involve falling into the water with a big splash!

But now, paddling to the outer beach markers or little islands in the middle of lakes is achievable and indeed a goal. Now I can throw Mouse on top of the car and know that the kids will be arguing about who is going to go first. Result.

Stay well

teating the limits of a mouse boat

Testing the limits!

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