First ever boat, built and launched in a couple of weeks

The Mouse

The water here at Hvalstrand is usually so calm and inviting, that not to be on it would be a crime. Hence the search for a simple, quick way to get on the water with a minimum of outlay. Enter ‘the mouse’. Gavin Atkins designs simple boats ideal for first time would be boat builders. He has a book out (Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build), but to be honest, all the info is available online. Sure the book made interesting reading but is by no means a step by step book. I know, I bought it!

How we built the Mouse…..

mouse boat model in cardboard

Scale model to start with........

first cut on a mouse boat

The first cut out of the two sheets of cheap plywood

building a mouse boat

Almost there, just the decks and seat to finish

The Mouse

The finished Mouse

mouse boat on the water

Proof that she floats....

After a bit of fun over the weekend my thoughts are now really turning to the plans I bought last year for a full size boat……….

Stay well

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Handyman, humanitarian, inventor, blogger and finally a house husband looking after Cecilia, Julia, William near Hvalstrand in Asker, Norway.
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4 Responses to First ever boat, built and launched in a couple of weeks

  1. Ian says:

    Hey Ted,

    You’ll find them at

    and this book is good….Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build

    Hope that helps Ted, and good luck with your boat, I love my little Mouse.

  2. Ted says:

    What are the plans you used for this boat? If love to build one but plans are hard to come by. Thanks.

  3. Jared Falvo says:

    Where can I get the schematics (build plans) for this little boat? I’d love to give it a shot!

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