Some insight from “The Shack” about childrens rights

The Shack by WM. Paul Young

The Shack by WM Paul Young

The Shack

The Shack is a bit of a departure for me, although being a closet believer (just not entirely sure what in), it does tug at a few strings. I was given the book from a Swedish family member as I hoover up any English books that I can find on my travels!

I bring up the book here, because the author talks about one of the the harshest realities of life for some people. The issue of child security. One of the characters in the book, (one of the Holy Trinity no less), comments that;-

“A child is protected because it is loved, not because it has a right to be protected”

So we really are alone, unless someone loves us; wow………

And here we are, taking our rights for granted, assuming that our rights will be upheld, but the reality is that without someone to fight our corner, we could be in real trouble.

So, where do our ‘rights’ come from? From the fact that we pay our taxes and are therefore owed some dues? From the fact that we live in a ‘civilized’ country?

But what about greater rights. What of our responsibility towards those unable to enforce their own rights? Where are their rights? Who will defend them?

Too many questions I know. But the book has a point. Our children are protected primarily because of our love, because of our constant attention and care. Many are not so lucky, millions in fact (and not just in war zones or developing countries). And what about those who are loved, but live in insecure places, places where ordinary people themselves have little rights.

It seems to me that having rights is not something that we should take for granted at all.

Stay well

p.s. I haven’t finished it yet, so won’t comment on it now, but if you fancy a copy you can find The Shack at amazon as usual.

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